Make XaPs like GaPs please!

I am loving the daily “XPpaloozas” (XaP) - can y’all make it like GaPs where there’s no merchant/angel/genie/daemon pop ups during the 15 minute run? Just a suggestion. Thanks for a great game!!!

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XP boost is functionally useless for endgamers and the only reason I activate them is to clear my inbox. No way would I ever want it blocking merchants and angels that could give me writs and deeds.

If they made them like GaP, I’d rather have the boosts be auto-deleted or be able to opt-out of earning them all together.


I’d say you don’t even have to be an endgamer. 15 minutes of experience become pretty pointless once a player reaches level 1000…and even before that - I’d take a chance of a useful offer over few experience points every time.


Previous thread on this subject:


Only takes seconds to skip all Wandering Merchants during each 15 minute XP booster run if you choose to do so. An option to remove them all during this short amount of time would make minimal difference.


I know I just like timing my GaPs & XaPs trying to improve splits. Every (split)second counts and while I’ve gotten adept at exiting offer screens in battles 1-3 I can’t bring myself to leave angels even when they end up being two diff ingot options :man_facepalming:
Also I’m only lvl 1380 but I find XaPs useful and I have guildies in the 2000s that appreciate em - although it takes 4 on a green sword day to earn em a level :joy: :muscle:

If you really think about it, the only thing that the double experience do is turn 30 minutes in 15 so, it’s not really needed unless you don’t have time to play this grindy game.