Vote kick possibility


I hope there will be a vote kick possibility in the future. We have a semi-active clan in the game on Xbox One, but our clan leader haven’t played a game over two months. I’ve been our leader with Sentinel rights over time, but there’s some problems when I can’t kick or demote and replace inactive players. And because there’s no Gamertags in-game, I can’t send a message to leader about things.

Our clan have couple loyal and very active players, like myself. We’re at the TOP 300 soon, but it’s hard when there’s only 5 daily players of 28 total.

So, it would be nice to get some kind of vote kick feature and chance to “overtake” a clan over leader who don’t play anymore.


If you ask it to the staff on support for your plataform they can do what you are asking for.

Good luck with your new guild.

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Wow, thanks! That I did not find/know. That’s helped a lot. Preciated!

No problem good Sir. I hope everything goes well for you from now on.