Visk is my new favourite storyline Epic


Don’t worry, these quotes don’t spoil any quest story for Dragon’s Claw but they show what I love about interaction between Visk and the Hero. :joy:

Visk: This is highly irregular.
Hero: That’s us!

Visk: You have told an untruth on purpose? I do not understand.
Hero: Nobody does.


I had a goodl augh about the “highly irregular” line too. :laughing:


Raven at his finest moments is easily my favorite storyline character.
The second best is Tau, dealing with him is priceless too.
Edit: In third place Keghammer, his storyline and dialogues are great too, almost forgot him.


This is just me, but when he kept yelling about my hero being a daemon and my hero is all ‘oh no not again’ made me giggle because my username is Daemon, my guild is daemons and I’m from kakaroth…

I love the support heroes in this game, so much (crazy) personality.


Can you imagine the offspring that would result from a coupling of Tyri and Raven?


I have to agree with the OP.
I think this quest line had more laughs than any other line for me.

Also enjoyed the Quest battles titled:

DRAGONS AND DUNGEONS (obvious reference)
ROGUE TWO (I took it for a Star Wars reference w/ Rogue One headed to theatres soon!)


I can, Krystara wouldn’t be the same and i can imagine the misadventures of our hero being the Godfather/Godmother of the child. :laughing:


i loved the - still not a ginger on the legendary!