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Visk ..it hurts to live.. :[

I cant be the only one that feels bad for him, he’s so nice and warriorsy and this friggin raven… i hate him now.

Honestly the story wouldve been better if you just had been put on the wrong foot and raven had turned out to actually help him afterall but now its… NOT A HAPPY END.

Thanks alot devs for making me feel bad for a fictional character… :disappointed: :sob:

Visk… i will destroy all raven decks i see in pvp from now on for you. :grimacing:


I was so ashamed of Raven during this quest.But hey it’s Raven. At least you know that everything he says is probably false.

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I dont care if its raven, for what i cared it was bombot… people like visk just deserve better. :grimacing:

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Yeah, from what little I’ve actually paid attention to the storylines, Raven seems like a total scumbag.

I actually really hated the Dragon’s Claw storyline and is the only one I have fully read that I didn’t care for at all. It didn’t go for comedy and wasn’t particularly interesting in lore. It had absolutely nothing going for it and was made around the whole premise of Raven being narcissistic with basically no focus on Visk as a character. Visk was basically just a punching bag in his own kingdom’s storyline. It seemed more like Raven’s questline with Visk as the side character. Glacial Peaks did this correctly with its storyline with an Emperina side character, but Dragon’s Claw really missed the mark.