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Vip chests drop rate

Alright i opened 50 vip chests in the hope to get 1 carnex for mythic and no troop at all, i got 100 arcanes

People can say what they want about each key being independent but there is obviously something wrong

I had a a similar post VIP Chest...What do you pull?. My guild leader advised me that they only open one at a time now because of that. Some crazy math probability thing I saw posted on another thread. So that being said it’s better to open one at a time. Sure you don’t get the gems deal like you do with 10 or 50, but it only took me 5 pulls to get my last Carnex this morning. Ohh…almost forgot. My wife opened 50 this morning and got all stones plus one odd purple troop that is neither the Carnex or Tankbot 2000. Better luck next time.

I remember people discussing it. Something to do with salt, pepper and hp brown sauce

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@Robert That’s the one. Too much info. Just tell me if its working as intended and a simple answer will suffice. :grin:

As someone who saves gems for vip chests specifically to increase my chance of stones, I wish I had this problem.

That is absolute crap Ricky. Sorry mate.
Yeah one at a time for me from now on. After 2 keys I got carnex. :slight_smile:

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@Rickygervais I think the devs need to look at this a bit more. The horsemen wont be to far away. I certainly don’t open vip for the stones they are a nice bonus on top of the troop pulls.

I no I have asked this a few times now but are you able to check it again @Mr.Strange

I’ve seen a couple of posts on this VIP chest problem on console. I think it stems from the situation that not enough developers play the console version. So this kind of thing doesn’t get noticed.

In addition, as only a small subset of the community has access to the VIP chests on console now (its growing all the time), Its up to that limited group to notice and report the problems.

In short I would take the inefficiency hit… and open chests one at a time.

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Finaly got him after 3 more chests

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Congrats, Ricky. :slight_smile:

Thanks bro :slight_smile: im starting to get proud of my card collection now i been very lucky lately

Yeah the card collector in me loves this game. Just need 5 more imps of love and every legendary has been ascended to mythic. Been getting some amazing luck with glory drops lately.

Very nice keep it up also go read the last news about console!!!

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Yeah exciting times for console players.

I would kill for all those arcanes!!! Stuff the troops!

One VIP key at a time works a lot better for me.