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Video: Gem Chests VS VIP Chests - Gard's Avatar Hunting

Hello everyone! Today I do a gem chest and VIP chest comparison side-by-side as I hunt for the new Gard troop.

I mention in this video that VIP chests have 2x the chance of dropping a mythic than the same value worth of Gem chests. What I didn’t notice in this video is that I literally got 2x the drop rate on VIP chests, lol. xD


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How much did it take you to open them? I can’t open video on mobile connection:(

good to have someone actually checking it on numbers

500 gem keys and 100 VIP chests for 3.

I said VIP chests have 2x the drop rate of Gem chests for the same price. That literally happened in the video making it perfect with 1 from the Gem chests and 2 from the VIP. xD

Wow you are lucky :smiley:
Congrats :slight_smile:
If you see a loose horseman send it my way I’m still searching for 1 -.- (in case anyone missed it :stuck_out_tongue: )