Vip chest on the cheap

VIP Chest cost 0 gems even for the 50 chests.
I figured this was a glitch so i clicked the 50 chest one so i wouldn’t lose my hard earned gems and got 50 chest for free, On Android mobile.

@Nimhain @Sirrian

I see it too. I won’t test it, but hopefully someone sees this.

I can’t check it on PC, but I’m sure there is someone somewhere spamming that 50 button. xD

We actually caught it before any real abuse happened… should be fixed now.
Was a weird glitch in deployment, which I’ve just fixed to make sure it never happens again
(it may still show 0 until a restart for a few folks, but it is charging Gems if used)

I have a feeling most people who have spent enough on the game to unlock VIP chests didn’t want to spam it and risk compromising their accounts


You could say that. Especially after I did it on release and compromised my account naturally. :stuck_out_tongue:

That and you fixed it before I got there.

uhm. I used it - just once - before I saw this… I’m fine if you want to revert the buy, @Sirrian.

We’ll quickly rollback the rewards from anybody who abused it more than a couple of times… I think there were only 2-3 cases.
@legend_thrawn - you get to keep yours for being a champ and jumping in first to let us know :slight_smile:


Thnx… @Sirrian.

Thank you very much @Sirrian

A little off topic, but what VIP level do we need to have to buy VIP chests?

I’m pretty sure it says somewhere in the game(and I can’t check atm), but if I remember right it’s level 5. Someone will chime in shortly if I’m wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are right. Just checked it. :slightly_smiling: