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Chest are giving away all levels with no cost what so ever

Hi Guys,

Gem, vip, Event & Gold & glory are allowing full purchase with no cost.

An error pops up & can be said ok to, but the chests keep giving.

Thought you might want to know about this one.

Sincerely Kevin

Hello Kevin,

What platform is this happening on? Do you have any screenshots?

The development team has pushed some fixes for problems that would likely be related to this issue, so please let me know if it is still occurring.

Hello Cyrup, it was on the PS4 Platform & no screenshots are available. It has been resolved I believe because I logged in the next day & all my resources had been depleted & used up after testing for you further. Say La Vi… It is what it is, Any further issues spotted I will let you know straight away.

Sincerely, Kevin

*C’est la vie. It is life.


Glad to hear we were able to fix that for you! Thanks for checking in.