[PS4] Minor "Ranked Rewards" Bug + the Shop Issue

Hello, I’m new to both the forum and the game. I just signed up here, and I’m level 47 in-game. Actually, I got the game many months ago, but I stopped playing when the game got corrupted. I redownloaded and started playing again during the My Fair Lady event.

After that introduction, let’s move onto the topic.

I’ve noticed a bug where the game thinks I’m entitled to higher Ranked Rewards than I deserve. When the game starts up, I’m in the “1001+” tier as I should be, but after buying a chest, It places me in the “101-200” tier until I restart the game.

I doubt this helps locate the bug, but I’m one of the people whose Shop doesn’t fully work-- most of the shop works great, but the exceptions here are the money-connected tabs (“Gems” and “Bundles”). Upon reaching these tabs, a Playstation window appears, saying “There is no content. It might not be for sale yet, or might no longer be for sale,” alongside an in-game window telling me “We failed to receive real money purchasables from the server. Please contact our support team at . . . if this error continues”.

And if THIS helps the LAST bug, this store error has been with me since before I even stopped playing all those months ago, I think. The store was up for a bit about a week ago though, I believe. I just want to see the week’s new bundles, man…