Help please, ripped off by level 150 game reward bug!

Just as the title says I lost a reward that should have been granted at level 150 and I’ve heard it’s happened to many other players. In short I played and hit level 150, my game froze and booted me out of the game. I sent a psn bug report but didn’t write down the error code. When I restarted I was level 150, there was a new task in its place and I received no gold. Can I have this looked into and get my gold please? I’ve paid money in the store of this game and this loss makes me want to quit, and certainly I won’t pay another cent until this issue is resolved. Any help/advice on how to resolve this is greatly appreciated. Thank you and sorry for ranting, it’s just I’m a new player and this is a huge loss for me.

write ticket to support.
no one will help you here

You can report issues here: Console is also supported by 505Games, and you can submit a ticket to them here: They should be able to fix you up.


Alright I did, thank you for the help.

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