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#55824, 200 gems stolen on name change

Cost said zero gems, yet cost me 200. If they refuse to fix such simple display issues, how can they possibly expect people to feel safe in investing cash in them…

Did you change your name more than once? The first change is supposed to be free, but after that is does cost 200 gems. Just wondering.

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Yeah a few days prior. Irrelevant though really. How the fk is someone supposed to KNOW It’s going to cost 200 gems when it SAYS IT’S ZERO.

Because underneath that it says that additional changes cost 200 gems. Think this one is on you, buddy

Hopefully this can be added into the “To do list” @Cyrup ? It’s for the best to have all information being properly displayed so the button should have the proper price of 200 gems after the first change.

Anyway @Icarium81, i believe the proper step now is to contact support. I’m sure such minor issue will be resolved if you explain your problem and how misleading things were.

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This one is misleading at best. A few weeks ago I tried that as well. I knew what it says underneath but I was curious which statement holds true and I did not consider 200 gems too much of a cost for that knowledge. If I were aware of upcoming gem-sinks I would probably change my mind but now it’s much too late :wink:

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No it doesn’t. Go check it out @RiverSong show me in my photo where it says that… take your time, I’ll wait…


After actually clicking on Change Name tab it shown me 200 gems cost (it changed from 0 to 200). But on your screen it stayed on 0. Are there variations on the same bug? Edit: I would post it here but I had not recorded the process and now it shows correct amount of 200 gems so it proves nothing…

I can go buy a gold key and it will show properly. Being as this was the first time it SHOULD have charged me, I had no idea that it was any different than changing the armor every 24 hours for free.
Saying that I can go buy another key and it will go back to being wrong…

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I don’t know what platform you’re on, but this is what mine looks like:


Before I changed it once it very clearly stated that only the first change was free.

Plus, you’ve already said you changed it more than once. I stand by my previous statement.

I had this same problem. Changed it twice after the first one. I put in a ticket and got my 400 gems back.

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Maybe it’s a display issue, similar to the one with Event Stones, where the information is not updated properly.

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Hi guys, we fixed an issue where this was happening before 3.3 but it seems to still be happening in some weird cases for people, including some of you on the thread. But, not for others, as in the case of River (or me either).

What platforms are you all on? And, for those that had the issue, did you ever change your name before the issue occurred? What update was that in?

Already said what system. X1. Buy a gold key and use it. Check your name change cost. Redo it until you see your cost go to zero.
Still haven’t fixed queen mab to have her boost ratio show either.