Vip 3 doesn't work in the Arena

Vip 3 doesn’t work in the arena and there’s no indication of that when unlocking that segment of vip. (Initially I thought we lost the scouting ability due to the revamp but it’s actually always been that way and that’s unfortunate.)
“Automatic scouting” clearly doesn’t apply to all aspects of the game.

So unless you plan to let us see arena defenses prior to battle.
Then I suggest you update your vip text.
But in my eyes vip 3 isn’t working 100%.

Perhaps it’s easier to read it as “free scouting when scouting is available” like @Fourdottwoone does in the comments below. But for me personally it’s the term “automatic” that makes me think it applies everywhere. Even though scouting isn’t possible everywhere. 🤷


If there is the option to scout for gold you get it for free, without having to press any button. Arena never offered the option to scout for gold, neither before nor after the rework, so there isn’t anything VIP 3 can give you for free. I’m afraid this works as intended, even with lot of nitpicking.


You couldn’t see the opponents defense prior to the rework of the arena prior to starting a match? Or it just didn’t cost gold?

Because there’s a difference between Automatic free scouting and Automatic free scouting when it can be applied. If Arena never cost gold, then it was already free scouting to all. Regardless of vip. And now it isn’t. Since scouting… Isn’t available… at all. After the rework.

I’m not sure what you’re expecting here.

Do you think that the game should show you all the teams you’re going to face before you pick your troops?

Or are you expecting it to show you the next team before you enter the Arena so you can rearrange your troops?

Mostly, if I can bothered to do Arena, there’s only one real optimum arrangement of your troops anyway, so I’m not certain what benefit you’d actually get from this.

Also I doubt that most people would get VIP 3 simply to get free scouting in the Arena. Personally I got it ages ago because it saved clicks and having to pay 50 Gold to see what was coming up (I’m not sure why, did you have to pay one of your troops to go and have a peek at the opposition and come back and tell you?!)

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:white_check_mark: (Like the rest of the game.)

But the Arena is not “like the rest of the game”, is it?

[Insert list of reasons why it’s different…]

As much as I recall there wasn’t ever any way to see opponents, you always went against a surprise team.


Yeah you have to be right. Otherwise we would of saw Dawnbringer originally on defense before it got replaced by a different weapon. Of which I don’t recall. I’ll update the OP accordingly. Thanks.

I spoke to the dev team and scouting has never been available in Arena, before or after the rework.

I’ve passed on the feedback, but we may not change the text. Just updating you on this.