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You can activate auto-scout for Explore without the required VIP level

Platform, device version and operating system
Playstation 4 Pro

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
_There should be the spend 50 gold to scout option while exploring.
_Auto-Scout is enabled when I perform the steps, even though I do not possess the feature or VIP level.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
_Any time I perform the steps to activate the glitch.

Steps to make it happen again
_I immediately started up the game, went to my explore, and saw the spend 50 gold to scout option. After which, I went to PVP, Battle Log, Clicked the top player, and clicked Fight. I immediately backed out and went back to explore to find that the auto-explore feature was once again enabled for all my kingdoms/explores.

The above steps work for me EVERY time, no matter how many times I restart the application, or lose the auto-scout due to server refresh.

Viewing a team in PVP disables the glitch as well as restarting the application, but I can immediately re-enable the glitch using the above method.

I hope this helps you Devs!

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This bug is really old,but never saw anyone report it,it first happened to me before the new guild tasks.They fix positive bugs really fast,and fix negatives one slow as a turtle,so i stopped reporting bugs because of this “discrimination”.


Thanks for the input. I’ll take that to heart for the next time I decide to report a bug for them, since it would appear that I may have wasted my time - but we’ll see. If anything, at least this will let people take advantage of their slow response to fixing issues and get some free auto-scouting.

A bug that help the players,like this will be fixed minutes after they saw your post dont worry.If you report a bug,that makes things harder for players though…thats a different story.Im not negative,or anything,thats whats happening,no offense intented,its just the truth.

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They only respond slow if the bug adversely affects players. Anything we benefit from is fixed with lightning speed.

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I honestly don’t see this as a HUGE advantage for the players, but it is an advantage nonetheless. A bug’s a bug though, so I figured I’d report it, whether it helps us or not, it’ll all eventually get patched. May as well cut our losses sooner than later and be done with it.

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Does the unpaid auto-scouting only work on Explore, or does it happen in PVP too?

From what I’ve experimented with and gathered, it’s only for Explore. In fact, viewing teams in PVP actually DISABLES the glitch.

Explore only

I’ve been playing this game 2 years now and this bug has been around as long as I can remember. I stumbled across it no long after I started playing the game, there really isn’t any benefit from it.

Then it isn’t really a big deal. You can essentially ‘auto-scout’ by entering and retreating from battles at no cost (except for time).

Yeah,always found it funny,that it never got fixed,Sometimes it actually shows the pvp teams too.They never found the bug obviously.

Oh, NOW it’s going to get fixed…

Exactly. Why would anyone scout in explore anyway?

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Maybe just for weekly events if you’re trying to farm particular troop-types or mana colors. I do so much explore it never much matters, but if they ever run a “kill 300 constructs in explore” event, I’d think about it.

I cant reproduce the pvp team showing part,maybe its not working anymore.

True but it doesn’t take seconds to go in and retreat to get a different team. I’ve never seen it in PvP though, just explore.

If it was more beneficial I’d have kept it from the eyes of the Devs, but this just makes them look tacky, which is why I reported it. It really isn’t that useful, and it’s like I said, it’s more of a nuisance than anything to have the “free auto-scouting” activated. I’d only see use in it for PVP, which you can’t do, or at least that I’ve found.

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In that case, maybe it will just be a 50 gold workaround in the occasional week where people want to farm explore for particular troop-types. No real harm to the devs, the economy or any other player.

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