Video: DRACOS 1337 Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over the new mech dragon DRACOS 1337. He is used mainly as a complete disable to a specific enemy. It is particularly good against teams with 1 important caster or any team that is particularly magic dependent. It also currently has the highest instant kill ability in the entire game.

If you are low on resources, I do advise saving all or most of your event keys for next week to obtain The Dragon Soul.

Also, I forgot to add the redeem code, so here it is for everyone on the forum or bother to read the video description. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow 9 hrs later and the code surprisingly still works for me. Thanks man.

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Global chat was done most of today plus the code wasn’t in the video itself. The combination of those 2 factors seem to have made it survive. This is the longest lasting code I have posted in like 2 months. :stuck_out_tongue: