Video: Use Event Keys for The Dragon Soul - Better Than Valkyrie Soul Farm

Hello everyone! Today we upgrade our Dragon Soul to mythic. I highly encourage everyone this week to use a bunch of event keys to obtain The Dragon Soul. It is the only legend that drops this week, so any legend that drops has a 100% chance being The Dragon Soul. The damage potential it has earlier on in the game is extremely high relative to other options and can farm souls just as well if not better than Valkyrie.


When you mentioned 100% droprate it was kind of misleading. Now i am out of gems to spend.

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Have you found any Dragon Soul teams suitable for high level PVP? The higher level team here is quite effective but much slower than common Valkyrie teams.

Yup, someone linked a team last week that I found a lot of success with:

The Dragon Soul**
DRACOS 1337***

Dragon Banner,sylvanimora,the-dragon-soul,dracos-1337?banner=dragon-s-claw


Try to fill drake rider first.

I’ve had a lot of success with this team that a guild mate shared with me.

Of course, I finally got The Soul but I still don’t have Sylvanimora… :frowning:

Thanks. This is the week to tempt me to trait Dracos…

Update: This is a great team. Not quite as fast as a good Valk team, but at least in the same league. And so nice to have a change of pace!

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Would that team work with Dragonmoth instead of Salad Dragon, to explode all the red gems?

It probably would work! It might be a bit rough getting 13 reds on the board. Maybe a lucky Celest dragon skill would create some.
Try it out :slight_smile:

I like Sylvan because he does damage too. I wasn’t satisfied with the speed of the team without him.

I played the Seer/Spider/Soul/Sylv team and it’s quite fun! I was surprised by how fast and effective it is.

I was planning to use it after Drake Rider’s transform to red.

I’m using Hellcat/Naga Queen/DS/Sheggra with dragon banner, having lot of fun with it.

I haven’t got my gorgotha traited so used celestasia at the top instead. Works great, and will be even better once I get Sylvan and TDS up to 3 and 2 traits respectively!

Yeah having three mana collectors on that team fills everyone up super fast! Was surprised how well it works.

I have an alt team I’m using for Explore, but I found it also works in PvP:

Green Slime
Drake Rider
Dragon Soul
Shadow Dragon

Effective with just one trait on everything (though you can fully trait Dragon Soul for slightly more benefit). Basic premise is that if you fill anything, it can fill Dragon Soul (preferably with extra turn) which can then fill one or more of the other things. Once Shadow Dragon is filled, you can usually do a Shadow Dragon > Green Slime or Green Slime > Shadow Dragon in between each explode for extra damage and buffs, and have them back to full. If they have a threat troop, you can use drake rider instead to make them die quicker. Green Slime can die if you get bad RNG/skull drops, but the enemy team is usually so beat up by then you can easily finish them off.

Same basic premise using it for explore, except you’ve basically won just charging any troop and casting it, since everything fills Dragon Soul and two casts of Dragon Soul will clear about anything, no matter what your level, and is very easy to fill and fire back to back.

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Interesting. Which banner are you using with that team? Abyssal?

Yes, still using Abyssal banner. Full yellow starting boards and Mercy still arent usually problematic, so long as you can get at least Drake Rider up. Then you can usually immediately follow up an enemy Mercy with Drake Rider, which will cascade and usually at least half fill everyone else, then you can explode to refresh and continue as normal. If they have a spirit fox, bait it by taking brown, red, or yellow, (or blue, if there is a ton of it) then take advantage of the fewer gems on board to try and line up green slime and cast. If they have Manticore, for whatever reason, if nothing has mana on round 1 or even if you get a 3 mana match on someone else, they always stun the 0 mana drake rider… still havent figured that one out. If they have Mab, focus her down with drake rider when possible, and if you get Frozen, just focus on filling and firing Dragon Soul in rapid succession. Otherwise, you can get some huge cascades with a bunch of damage every time you are able to get a mass convert to whittle down their team from the top.

Green slime can get big and soak up some skulls, but you really only need it to fill everyone up once and you are on the right track, but the team is much slower if he dies before Shadow Dragon is full. Once you have Shadow Dragon filled along with everyone else, you usually have enough control to guarantee a loop back to Dragon Soul after every explode in one match or cast.

It is a looping team, so it isn’t totally the fastest, with most my fights lasting around 1:30 to 3:00, but it is surprisingly consistent and versatile. I’ve managed to beat everything the meta has to offer so far. And since the “glitched hero stats” meta just beginning and probably going to stick around for a bit, its nice to have a team that does both focus and AoE damage.

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Odd question perhaps, but say you have a full dragon team with TDS. So on the cast he should do 20 damage. Does that get less as your supporting dragons get killed or does it only matter with how many dragon allies he started? I would assume the first.

It decreases as your dragon allies die.

Yes, it goes down as more are killed.