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Video: Desdaemona Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over some Desdaemona teams that are great for countering Daemons.



Great video as always, Desdaemona is amazing and i’m eager to get her traits and and try out some cool compositions. :slight_smile:

Great video as always!

The Daemon Huntress team I’m using at the moment is:

Emperor Khorvash
Dark Maiden
Abyssal Banner (+2 Purple, +1 Red, -1 Yellow), but considering other banners

P.S. Get well soon!

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Man, there’s Gorgotha again. I’m extremely tempted to buy him in the shop this week, but I could say that about every Legendary they put up for sale. I should probably save my money for that Soul Dragon one.

Nice vid Tacet. First team look unstopabble :open_mouth:

As always, keep up the good work!

Shame that the Hero buff is a glitch instead of intentional! I actually like to use the Hero and to see it more often in PvP, this really seems to help in my opinion.

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I’m using:

Herald of Chaos
Infernal King/Hellcat

Purely because all daemon and Blighted Lands. :grin:

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Wish we got her at mythic.

Desdaemona’s spell is not quite as strong as Amira’s, so I use her as more of a backup.

Emperor Khorvash
Shadow Dragon

Abyssal Banner + Magic Link + >50% mana surge = 2 turn fill on Amira; fed by Shadow Dragon. Pretty quick for over 40 true damage to blue enemies and magic steal.

Nice video as always!

With consoles getting 2.0 and 2.1 sometime at the end of next week (I hope). I’m sure many console players would appreciate a video with any overview, or tips, or teams, or whatever you think it important.


@Lyya what does the ’ [100x] ’ signify behind the spelltext of Desdaemona?

It’s a bug, where I’m accidentally interpreting a factor as a boost ratio.