Team Disscussions? (1000+)

Hey there!
I am finding my self again getting a little dull with some of my teams. Although I can’t stand the painfulness of staying in a match for more then 2-3 minutes. I mean, some teams get old to me and I just gotta put them down for a bit, looking to switch some up!
If anyone has any, Solid, successful teams I’d be happy to discuss! :smiley:

Might help to know what teams your board with.

Queen Aurora

It looks weird, can play weird, but also amusing. Cat makes bunch of red, Sekhma powers up, nukes for a ton while also making skull cascades AND yellow, which refills cat, who makes more red, let Sekhma nuke again and more skull spam. Aurora speeds up mana and can also seed the board with yellow or red as needed. Khorvash lets all the 4+ deliver stun meaning you get past Deathknight’s curse, Gorgotha’s skull resist, Famine and Death’s 3rd trait drains, etc…

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I haven’t even tried Aurora, so I might give something like this a whirl! Thanks :smiley: