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Video: Best New Player Build - 4x Guardians

Hello everyone! Today I go over what is quite possibly the strongest new player build that is easily accessible to anyone first starting off in the game. A 4x guardian build can easily be built at basic rarity within the first week of starting Gems of War. This can be done by doing tasks for seals that can then buy guild keys at 20 seals each. These keys have a 50% drop rate for guardians. The three 4x buffs they get from team synergy allows for substantially higher stats than any form of team combination when first starting out in the game/ They give a total extra stat bonus of 8 HP, 8 armor, 2 magic, and 1 attack.



WOooohooo looked awesonme

I haven’t seen the video yet, but I kind of expected this once I saw the Guardians. Since their creation doesn’t scale on Magic, it should be possible to put together a solid “loop” of sorts with nice side effects out of the box at Common. A little gift from the devs to new players (at least, those who are lucky enough to discover guild benefits early…like I wasn’t :stuck_out_tongue: )