Vault event finishing hours before reset

I had less time friday so I feel like I pushed the other days, I actually got around 1200 vk. If I feel like getting more like this time that I’m low on gems with all the spending in underspire, trials and events, I push but if it wasn’t for that I think maybe getting less because vault event is more frequent now. It feels the same effort, I pushed for more and got more.

I was playing around midnight EST (3 hours before reset) this past vault event, and still encountered a fair number of gnomes. I didn’t run any GAP or track VK drops so I can’t comment on those drop rates. However, gnome rates still seemed elevated. I encountered back-to-back gnomes a few times, which I rarely see outside of events.

1 never get more than 12 keys from a GAP run. 8-11 is average.

it depends on your team, not gnomes. how many fights per gap you can take, the bigger amount → the more keys you have. 2x ironhawk is 25-40 keys / gap.

It also depends on your loading speed. I can never make that much because of loading times. :sweat_smile:


With gnome appearance rate inside vault event being about 10%, it makes 90% of not finding a gnome in any individual game.
For 53 game streak (if I’m not mistaken) that would make 0.9^53 = 0,0038…so, about 1 out of every 260 players?
Doesn’t sound that highly unlikely to be get likely classified as highly unlikely.

Anyhow, overall it is on par with any other random gnome weekend.

I can’t comment on last hours - I do go to sleep and I do go to work (with my rollover time being 10AM), so hunting stops about twelve hours before Monday reset; however - unless people start actually (and honestly, without fiddling around) counting there is not much to be done as there won’t really be a ground to stand on. So far, nobody seems to do it.


Yes, rates are very consistent over hundreds of battles right up until the few hours before reset. That’s why it’s so noticeable when the rate changes.

The rest of your post is off topic.

Yes. The report is a reduction in rate from very consistent vault norms. Gnomes will always appear at some frequency if you fight lots of battles.

Do you have any numbers or are you just arguing with your feelings?

My results were consistent with previous events even in the hours before reset as i stated.

FWIW, 8 vault keys from a GaP is a bigger outlier from normal vault key drop rates than it would be from Vault Event weekened boosted drop rates, if we accept “normal” rates being about 1/10th of what they are on Vault Event (expected ~20 but got 8 vs expected ~2 but got 8, in any given set, the latter is a much rarer event).

Not saying it can’t be broken, but scattered anecdotes isn’t really evidence of anything and the opening post anecdote more confirms you are on weekend gnome drop rates than off them. If something you think is “not correct” and you want any sort of chance for it to get any sort of attention and even the possibility of a fix, you’ll probably need to at least get some hard data. Establish what expectations are and why, have a control and experiment group, sample and show the confidence of said sample to align with the prior established expectations, report findings. On the off chance a dev does see and flag this thread summarily as [not a bug] without even bothering to check anything, the chances of it getting attention if there is something shown to be wrong past that point have already been significantly diminished.

Yes, I know that you “shouldn’t have to” for it to get some dev attention, but nearly every claim supporting drop rates being lowered in this thread reads as just venting and people complaining about RNG when there is nothing actually wrong is an oft-cited reason for claims about something that has any sort of RNG component in the game (read: like, a whole bunch of stuff) being either ignored or answered with a simplified explanation of how RNG works so it can be dismissed without bothering to check. I see a LOT of “this RNG here is broken” claims pop up on the forum that have absolutely no basis in reality where speaking honestly it would waste a great deal of dev time to just keep investigating stuff all the time. However, I still see, on occasion, an issue crop up that is detectable by sampling, where at least some sampling is done that would warrant a numbers check from the people that have direct access, and it doesn’t happen, and on occasions where definitive proof that a given sample would be impossible if officially stated rules A/B/C are in effect where it won’t be addressed, sometimes not even to bother to clarify that “rule c is actually rule d and now the sample fits”. Speaking honestly, at this point, the reports supporting the initial claim read more like venting than actually trying to pinpoint what, if anything, could be the problem, and that will likely be what is picked up by whatever dev eventually quickly scans through this thread.

Good luck to you if you do start a data gathering effort, and even more luck to you if you actually do show some statistically significant evidence that there is something going on because those are always the roughest for everyone involved. Speaking from experience.


I’m more curious what a good way to test “the last 4 hours” data sample compared to the remaining hours without automatically being handwaved as “just unlucky” and how many trial runs would be needed to satisfy people without automatically being handwaved as “just unlucky”. It seems no matter the sample size, there’s always someone that says it’s never enough.

Opening post suggests a testable cause for the devs to test due to downloading new assets without subjecting players through multiple months of limited time tests stalling potential fixes when the reality is that the dev team makes a lot of obvious errors including the 7.1 new update available for the Soul Forge when there isn’t one and shiny chest symbols magically being turned sideways for some reason. New bugs pop up all of the time as well.

Let’s not forget something as simple as event chests magically leaving out Kurandara weeks back, leading to the other Soul Forge event when they manually inputted Kurandara.

If new assets being downloaded don’t have negative side effects, then the Sunday Underspire non-completable rooms bug reports should not have been an issue.


On a single event, Ten GAP samples of both early and late, recording number of gnomes defeated with 3 or more players involved to get that data is already way more than enough to show statistical significance of a trend, but you’d have to back that up with sampling of the expected gnome rates to see how far above or below either set would be. Ie,. if GAPs expect a 9% key per gnome defeated, and 2000 gnomes defeated has given 100 keys (5%), this is already far beyond an outlier that cannot be reconciled. If you expected 9% and your control sample showed 9.3% and your experiment sample showed 8.7%, its not really evidence of anything without repeated experimentation. The problem is, there is a chance they’ll handwave it regardless, so this point is purely academic. Guess its RNG all the way down. You get left sitting with the knowledge you know something is broken but that it will never get fixed. I guess if you and others have done enough sampling to convince yourself, you can at least manage your time around it? For some issues historically, thats the best we can do, and then sometimes they drift out of relevance. Best case, though, it gets noticed and fixed, which does happen (well, has happened). Maybe as a stealth fix, maybe with a protracted effort, and maybe with a huge explosion of attention. I’ve seen all those happen.

If gnome rates are such a black box that it is easier for them to test an externality like asset downloading (which would interact differently with a test environment anyway and could produce a false negative that it doesn’t cause issues, leaving it to be ignored if was the issue and thats how they tested it) rather than check everything and check the numbers that govern the gnome rates and see which externalities could pollute them and work from there, then, well, guess we are all screwed.

Edit: The fact that you do have a hypothesized cause so strange as “downloading assets” was the thing that messes up gnome rates in such a way that you are still in a vault event but it is estimated to be cut in half is the thing that piqued my interest enough to actual bother post in this thread in the first place. Because it got me thinking about the sheer insanity of these two things being connected and the off possibility that the anecdotes in this thread almost makes me want to try and prove it one way or the other. Almost.


I wouldn’t consider it too insane. New assets may coincide to many possible triggers that summarizes as the game considers it a new week or new event in Gems of War, or it could revert to a blank slate of Gems of War where it reset the normal state back to 0. There’s no other event/battlecrasher situation similar to Vault Events to test that currently.

For what it’s worth, I’m not saying it’s always been like this, like the OP, I’ve only noticed it recently, since 7.0.

Also, see today’s Bug Reports for even more silly Gems of War bugs. Underspire reset. zzz

I’m long gone from giving the devs the benefit of the doubt when it comes to bugs. Check everything.

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Yes, clearly more data would help make the case. Not difficult to collect for explore battles - just tedious. However, if I’m right, running multiple GaPs close to reset would be a very expensive way of proving the point. A point that as you rightly say, may simply be ignored by the devs who are not short of other issues to address.

Iv 3 ironhawks.

So yes I use the 2.

On either wild plains, dhrak zum or sin.

Never once had 40 from 1 gap.
No chance.

25 which includes evks is pushing it.

I’m guessing your maybe pc player.
You get the extra benefits cough cough.

I’m a pc player and it feels slow on vk just like you, expecting 20 from a GAP, I was thinking in Playstaton player, it seems faster when I watch videos from them.

I didn’t fight a lot of battles. This was late at night and I just played a little while preparing for the start of the work week. Maybe 30 or a bit more. I encountered at least 5 gnomes, because I remember getting 2 separate back-to-back gnomes.

Yea mate

I think he’s smoking something.

I do 20 to 25 gaps
Average 6 to 800 keys each vault event.

And I defo can go from 10 to 25 keys.

Defo not 40 ever.

And iv the meta fastest teams and I’m high lvl .