Vault event finishing hours before reset

Platform, device version and operating system:
iPad Pro 10.5" / iOS 16.6

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I noticed last vault event that gnome frequency dropped off in explore about four hours before Monday (weekly) reset. I’m running explore 1 at 5-6 battles per minute so the sudden rate reduction is very apparent.
Same thing has happened today. To check, I ran two GAPs on different devices and accounts and netted only eight vault keys from each. Expected rate is very consistently about twenty.
Last vault event the rate drop-off happened around the time new assets started downloading for the week.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Last two vault events that I’m aware off.

Steps to make it happen again
Run fast explores and GAPs and measure gnome and vault key rates. Players are being short changed of verses in explore and vault keys in GAP during the last four hours of the vault event.


I decided to do gnomes and GAP 2 hours before reset and had a similar result which is the reason I came to the forum to see if anyone had reported same.

Unfortunately I will have to stop now as I appear to be wasting my time :frowning:

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throughout a vault weekend this was always the case. I had the first 53 explore1 matches played after friday reset without encountering any single gnome at all. Then during the weekend I also had phases with up to 4 band gnomes during consecutive matches and around 10 gnomes in 20 matches.
But that was the case since forever. You always have to find the “good hours” to play.

While I personally would prefer a form of completely fair and transparent matchcounter that “inserts” a band gnome into every x’th match and normal gnomes into every y’th match this won’t happen because of the “rng love” of devs.
The question is, if it really is just rng. What you dscribed throughout a vault weekend was always the case. Explicitly for this vault event I had the first 53… explore1 matches played after friday reset without encountering any single gnome at all. I gave up and roughly 2.5h after vault event start the droprates finally started for me. Then during the weekend I also had phases with up to 4 band gnomes during consecutive matches and around 10 gnomes in 20 matches. This always were “longer phases” of “higher luck” and phases of gnomes not showing.
But that was the case since forever. You always have to find the “good hours” to play.

definitely feel the missing gnomes at these hours, definitely a buzzkill

The same on the last vault event on Switch!! :rage:

Let’s be honest guys. IP2 and 505 games will NEVER admit if the gnome rates have been changed in any way during a vault event.

But probability is a tricky thing.

U remember the good and bad moments, but if u keep your faith up, it will all even out in the end. Or…something like that.:rofl:


If your gaps still drop keys, then no

Gnomes always drop keys. The significant difference during vault events is rate. GaPs during vault events give 20-25 keys very, very consistently. Something has changed for two GaPs on different accounts to both give the same, unprecedented low rate at the same time of week, two weeks running.

53 matches is less than ten minutes of explore 1. How could you expect any insight into rates from such an insignificant sample? Dedicated players do many thousands of explore and GaP battles over a vault event.

I’ve noticed for a long time now that the prevalence of gnomes in battles increases after reset in the days leading up to a vault event. That is, after a Monday reset, I see more gnomes than usual in the days leading up to Friday….this is generally how I figure out that a vault event is imminent. So I think it is quite possible that the devs increase the gnome drop rate and band gnome drop rate earlier than Friday reset, and perhaps this is on some sort of timer which turns off before Monday reset after a vault event.

However, when doing a GaP, I’ve not noticed any drop in VK rate even in the final minutes before Monday reset.

If you’re an experienced player, you’d realise that after a active vault event started it is highly unlikely that a 53 matches stretch happens without any gnome appearing - or any merchant/angel/genie/daemon for what it’s worth.
It seemed fair to assume “something could be wrong with the event”.

Don’t you worry, I played more than enough matches during this weekend, but at the time even this “insignificant sample” was more than enough to realise that at the time it is worthless to play on. There was other phases during the weekend when 4 band gnomes appeared during 4 matches.
Overall, my numbers throughout the weekend are not documented. However the overall droprates during the event felt underwhelming compared to previous vault events. As a yearlong dedicated player and now “endgamer” you’ve got a feeling and a grasp when things aren’t running as they likely should.
Can’t prove it though. Yeah could be just “my” … “rng”.
Yeah, no.

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Same complaints every vault event. Someone in chat claimed not to see a single gnome all weekend. Theres always complaints about gnomes not existing. The game doesn’t cheat except they withhold gnomes or something.

Yet others report extremely consistent results from multiple consecutive events.

They did not “turn off” gnomes or vault keys before reset.

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I usually go for 1000 vk and it seems the same to me, didn’t play in the last hours. There’s a system to not allow gnomes in the next battle if you retreat, right?


Did you play in the last hours in this vault event?

Yes i did. I farmed up until the weekly reset. I also played at the start of the event. I am up for work at daily reset so i am often playing during these hours.

People always complain in the first few hours that gnomes are not appearing yet as well. Every single vault event people complain. No gnomes, not enough gnomes, which kingdom for gnomes, no verse gnomes, no vault keys, cant find the verse i need, why cant we trade verses, etc.

What possible reason would they have for doing that?

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How many vault keys did you get this time? Do you ALWAYS get 1,000 keys with the same amount of effort?

Try to separate the first few hours thing and this current topic.

The few hours before weekly reset usually has a light in-game download for assets for next week’s reset including trial team changes etc.

As a player, I have no real way to test it on my end, but it could be something to look into.

All I know is I got a Cliffy error while buying Green Deeds from the Merchant right around when the other Underspire Cliffy bug reports happened at the end of Sunday near reset. After that, the gnomes felt like they more or less significantly decreased and Gnome-a-paloozas yielded far less Vault Keys than usual.

What is the amount of keys you are suppsoed to get per palooza?

With an efficient team, easily 20+ vault keys without trying.

Without Gnome event active, it impacts the rate by a good amount. Vault keys can still drop, but it’s a lot less. I don’t run enough GAPs outside of Vault events to get a solid figure, but you don’t walk away with many Vault Keys.

Given the number of errors that Gems of War has put out in the last few years, it’s best not to assume everything always works perfectly.

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I have had many gaps that have been well under 20+ during a vault weekend since forever. I actually don’t notice any difference and believe me i do count.

Its also probably best not to assume there is some issue because a few people are unhappy with their personal results.

Again there are always complaints about lack of results, nothing has actually changed