Is it really a treasure gnome weekend?

I do not know about you folks but i have played a lot this weekend and i have seen hardly any treasure gnomes.

Yes, the rate of gnome appearances has been higher. I’ve noticed an uptick of pet rescues triggered by my guild, and I’ve seen quite a few treasure gnomes myself.

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Threads that ask, “Is the vault event broken? Should I be seeing more gnomes?” appear more frequently than treasure gnomes, even during a Vault event.

I think the rate goes up from 3% to 6%. I’m bad at probability apparently, but it doesn’t really mean you’re going to see 6 if you play 100 matches. It means something more like, “If you played 1,000,000 matches, you’d see between 57,000 and 63,000.” When you narrow it down to reasonable numbers like 100, it becomes “you might see between 4 and 8”. Seeing as, previously, that used to be “between 1 and 4”, it doesn’t feel like there’s been a big increase even if you see the 8, because 8 gnomes out of 100 matches is still rare. In fact, seeing 6/100 instead of 3/100 is only 3 more gnomes than you would have seen! It doesn’t “feel” like a bonus.

Didn’t even realize it was a Treasure Gnome weekend until I saw this topic. Since Friday I’ve run a couple hundred PVP and Explore runs and ended up with a grand total of, drumroll please, 1 Treasure Gnome (with a 100 Soul reward naturally). Yes, I know, RNG blah blah blah one player’s experience blah blah blah…

As noted above, doubling the frequency of a low percentage event is most likely unperceivable. The problem is when you have a special event but no one can tell if the event is happening more frequently without doing a statistical analysis, then the event is a FAILURE. Combine that with an unbelievably stingy reward pool and you end up irritating far more players than making happy ones.

Final thought - it’s supposed to be a Treasure Gnome, not a Spare Change Gnome!

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When I’d started playing this game 6 months ago, I’d received a Vault key back then t he first month, won the vault battle and another key (and that subsequent battle too), and received no vault keys since. I have seen and killed a lot of gnomes, but got no keys. I never received any of those gnomes as troops either.

I then played this morning, and got two vault keys, 10 minutes apart! Needless to say, I was actually shocked. So shocked that I took screengrabs of it. :smile:
I’d noticed more gnomes this weekend, but didn’t expect to get any keys at all, considering the drop rate for those.

I may hold onto those two keys I have for a while just to look at them in my inventory (was sick of the zero number), and to remember what they even look like. :rofl:

I agree, I’d like to see the Gnomes so often we “Know” it’s a Gnome Weekend! Just a thought…

For me it goes in spurts. First day, 1 Gnome in about 45 matches. Last night 5 gnomes in 8 matches. 1 even dropped a Vault Key.

Yes, there was a gnome event. I was hoping to get 100-200 diamonds but fell woefully short (the rewards seem worse than previous events - less gem keys, less event keys, less diamonds, etc)…

I did about 800 explore battles and got 107 treasure gnomes (at least 26 of them were soul gnomes) and 9 vault keys. I, however, did not get enough traitstones doing so to fully trait my delve troops (one more to go).

Was definitely a gnome weekend. New soul gnome was running rampant. Was farming arcanes and gained 100k souls without a soul generator. All while only getting enough arcanes to trait one legendary and one mythic. Those soul gnomes sure love to drop 5000 souls. Also got a regular treasure gnome to drop 50k gold once. Got about 5 vault keys.

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I received more souls than normal (quite a few 5K and 2K drops), but only 3 Vault keys overall. I guess I should be grateful for those keys.