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Special Vault Weekend

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/special-vault-weekend/

To celebrate the release of the 5.0 Update we will be running a special Vault Event over the weekend. During this Vault Event, adventurers will have double* the chance to encounter a wild Gnome. *The double chance is double the regular chance of Vault Weekend Gnomes – it does not affect chance for Vault Keys…


1:7.5 then?


Does this mean that the Vault key rate has been decreased, so that the economy overall still has the same number of keys drop as a normal vault weekend?


Is it the same chance per gnome, meaning that the appearance of more gnomes does actually increase the chances of getting vault keys by virtue of more gnomes being found?

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The rewards from gnomes is unaltered. Just the Gnome appearance rate for the event.


I still don’t get it. As much as I know, the standard chance for gnomes is 3% each battle, the standard chance for a vault key from a gnome is 1%.

Assuming that the regular chance of vault weekend gnomes is triple the standard chance, does this mean the chance for this event is 2 x 3 x 3% = 18%, one every five to six battles on average?

So we get the regular chance for vault keys dropping from vault weekend gnomes (10%), not the regular chance for vault keys dropping from gnomes (1%), right?

Treasure Gnomes have twice the chance to appear compared to the normal Vault event weekend.

This is the entirety of the information, there’s nothing else to complicate it.


Thank you so much! but please specify, what is the weekend: Friday, Saturday, Sunday? Thank you in advance for your response!

Yes, that is correct.

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I’d like to say I’m asking this for all the new guys but the truth is I spent so much of my energy getting Zuul I don’t much about anything else about the game. These gnomes pop up for pvp and non pvp matches, right? Like if I am playing explore or something…

If you play Explore the only ones you won’t see are Pet Gnomes


How dare you assume we aren’t capable of complicating things further! We’re pros at that I’ll have you know :wink:


We wouldn’t tend to overcomplicate things if everything was far more straightforward. :rofl: :rofl: Since we don’t know that actual rate that gnomes appear, it is easier to assume that it is adjusted on the fly (as it was just after gnomes released, and the economy broke), and that there’s more to be explained when such a special occasion arises.

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ah… no wonder i’ve been getting way too many gnome than usual gnome weekend. i thought i was too lucky :rofl:

Well it’s Aussie weekend so the devs probably wont fix it :crossed_fingers:

But what do you all reckon the real gnome multiplier is this vault weekend? I’m guessing double double math made it either 8x or 16x more gnomes than normal. Did 100 explore battles, got 20 gnomes so ~1 in 5 drop rate.

The usual appearance rate is approx 1:10 so that sounds about right.


Drop rate for Gnomes is 1:30.
During vault weekends it’s 1:15.
So this weekend it seems it’s 1:7.5

Devs, numbers are a universal language. Idk why you’re so resistant to provide them.


Pretty awesome gesture here. Thanks Devs!


I’m really enjoying this. Thanks so much!


Same. Loving the easy to find pet gnomes. not to mention the stack of vault keys =)


This special vault event is far best thing in whole 5.0 update!

I finally feel there is currently ongoing gnome event, I see so many gnomes around :smiley:. That’s really great way to forget about huge 5.0 disappointment, at least during those 3 event days.

Shame, it’s just one time thing :frowning:. I wish it was periodical, eg. during every weekend before each campaign start (so every 11 weeks).