Vault event...Did someone forget to turn it on?

Not seeing any kind of increased encounters. People in my guild are not getting gnomes with any higher frequency than a regular day, and usually, we are swimming in pet gnomes all weekend. Do I need to buy the keys to activate the event, or something?:rofl:

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You are not alone. The best advice I can give you and your guildmates is to pretend that Gnome event does not exist. cheers!


Well, yesterday in AB got 4 gnomes in a row…

Is just how it work “ip2 rng”, so guess we can say is on and working as intended.

And yes i stopped bothering with that “event” ages ago, can aswell add i hate gnomes on lvl 12 explore lol, 2 of them escaped hahaha.

The RNG is perfect and never wrong. There have definitely been no circumstances in GoW history where it was wrong and had to be patched.


Wrong is a matter of perspective :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

Try explorer lvl2 while farming traitstones…
10 seconds (or less) per battle

5-6 fights per minute
50 fights in 10 minutes
250 in 50 minutes

yesterday i got 4 vault key farming for 3h and half.

3 pets gnomes (one during a active event)

You didn’t get Pet Gnomes in Explore.

Somebody else in your guild must have triggered the pet rescue.

Would be good if they did appear in Explore though :pray:


Just spent the last 10 hours grinding between PVP and Explore. One Nysha Token and ZERO keys. It didn’t use to be like this🥴

I’ve been getting tons of Soul Gnomes. Really helps me since I only have 4 million souls already.

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