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Using Major orb of ascension on hero class

Using a MOoA on a hero class doesn’t give you class exp, only the class weapon.
Can you you specify this in the item description so nobody wastes one like me, or change the orb to give the exp?

Thank you!


Wait wait wait wait.

So the reason we can’t use an Orb of Ascension on pets is “pets don’t ascend, you feed them.”

But we can use an Orb of Ascension on Hero, who doesn’t ascend, and get the cruddy hero weapon?

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I think it works this way because the victory traits are a means of making the hero better, similar to collecting troops to ascend a troop.Another way to put it is, because the hero doesn’t ascend normally, these Victory Traits are meant to cover ascension for the hero, and using a MOoA completes all VT, therefore completing ascension.