Best use of Orb of Ascension (major)?


I won my first major ascension orb, which troop should I use? A common unit ? Or legendary ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

If you’re in a guild that is low on the guild wars brackets, consider using it on a GW reward troop if you enjoy using them. Otherwise, you could use it during the next bounty event with a good bounty troop, to save a few gems and get a few extra points. Finally, if you like collecting mythics, it’s useful on Gnome, Pet Gnome, or Valraven, but that’s more of a completionist thing. Don’t use it on a legendary, a normal Orb of Ascension would have the same effect.


Ok thanks :wink:

There are a lot of ways to approach “best” here.

So the orb is worth “as many troops as it took to ascend”, which can be up to 125. But not all troops are equal.

For example, a Mythic Bombot is a stronger, more useful troop than a Mythic Peasant. You have to consider what you get if you ascend the card.

Also: Courage is a Common, but it’s very hard to get Courage. It only comes from guild chests, so you can only get a few per week. Thus, its worth more effort to use your orb on that one. That’s why the GW troops were recommended: most people can only get 2 or 3 of those once per I think what, 8 months now?

Also: think about Godslayers and Siegebreakers. It costs upwards of 1,000 gems to get enough to ascend them to mythic when it matters. Having a mythic one can be worth thousands of points in raids or dozens of extra tower kills. That can be worth an awful lot.

So you have to weigh a lot of factors when you choose how to use it. It’s not simple to optimize them.

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