Updating the website


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I found stuff on the website that seemed like it needed an update and felt like I would point a couple of them and maybe have other people from the forum point a couple other I might have missed !

  • “World Map” tab redirect you to an image of the map without the latest kingdom, Darkstone
  • “Troop Leveling” tab doesn’t display the amount of souls required to get to level 16 to 20. Also needs to make it clear that it’s the initial rarity rank of the card that makes the cost go higher.
  • “Patch Notes” tab doesn’t include the link for the 1.0.8 update
  • “Weapon List” can’t find the latest “Runic Blade”, “Slay Bells” or “Black Manacles” but I also expect it to miss another couple recent weapons, didn’t check everything there
  • When going all the way to “submitting a support request”, the form let you know that you can find your invite code in the “Hero menu”, it’s not here anymore, it is in the options when you click the cogwheel
  • In “Troop List” we can’t find the types of the troops. Also missing the stats they reach for level 16 to 20

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Follow these links :


You don’t have to use the default support text for all support posts :stuck_out_tongue:

ON topic, I agree… I had a similar list from before 1.0.8 that could be amended to include all of this. Troop types (i.e. Beast, Marauder, etc) aren’t listed either and that was all the way in 1.0.7. For that matter, some troops had types attached even earlier.


I know I don’t have to use the deffault text, but everyone seems to be doing just that so I went along ^^’

Indeed, I didn’t notice the troops lack a type in the “Troop List” menu and we also can’t see what stats bring levels 16 to 20 (although most of us already know it brings 1 attack, 1 armor and 1 life… Even for Fortress Gate xD )


The Steam page is also extremely out of date. Not a single preview post of the game is up to date. The video wasn’t even up to date when it launched on Steam and could really use a completely new one for 1.0.9 or 1.1.0, images were updated for 1.0.7 but are still 1.0.7, the text description for the game seems untouched since launch when it says things like 100+ troops and collect all 65 weapons, and a lot of other minor tweaks. I know that Steam is the minority of platforms playing this game, but that doesn’t mean you can just ignore it.

Most important of all is that the news section of the GoW Steam forums has Grosh-Nak and 1.0.6 as the most recent updates, lol! While repeat players have in game news and the GoW website forums, new people come in looking at that and think the game hasn’t been updated for OVER 4 months! Even PS4/XBox has better upkeep than this.

Also, I always have the need to plug this in when talking about GoW Steam, @Sirrian please add more achievements. :slight_smile:


Website haven’t been updated as we’ve had a lot of people who have gone on holidays for the holidays season. I’ll mention the Steam version, we’ll see what we can do (not likely to happen until the new year).


That makes it sound so much worse than it is, seeing as its so close :stuck_out_tongue: