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Updates before fixing a broken game

Ok so i log in and i have to go to guild to get my Bonus + from it. should be automatically added,i should’nt have to log into guild .
I find at times the gems +4 do not add onto the gem count. Broken. there are times when iam fighting and the gems will not register to the mana pool*
This game likes to let the compy go on a 10 to 1 player turn ratio in Arena and challenge battles. Not fair. Makes me seem this game does not want you to win like you should. At times i feel like the computer is just setting itself up time after time.

Before You update why dont u spend some time bug fixing, such as why the arena battle loading screen keeps loading and you have to hard reset and go through the whole loading process guild bonus’ s included.

Also why isnt there a auction house ?

why does this game always seem broken ? xbox one user!

This is my opinion of the game as it plays today,if there are something i can do to make this game play as it should someone let me know.

Opinions are opinions, but an auction house would essentially break the economy. Very badly.

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