Those bugs have to be fixed quickly!

Since about a week, people of my Guild are telling me that the game bugs and the Guild can’t be found. It usually doesn’t last for long but tonight, things are really AWFUL.

When I can manage to launch a duel i have a ‘‘Guild Not Found’’ and ‘‘You’re Not in a Guild please create or join one’’

I’m owner of a guild with 32k trophies THE JOKE HAS TO STOP QUICKLY


I’m getting the same errror, never had this one happen to me before. Kind of horrific when you think you may have lost everything you’ve worked for.

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I understand your frustrations guys but it is holiday for everyone so be patient, it is clearly a bug don’t worry you won’t lost anything. There is another thread from the devs saying they will be short in staff, so relax and give them a chance


It’s all kinds of broken today on Xbox. Getting the “not in guild” error repeatedly. Re-booting the game sometimes fixes it, but I just end up getting it again.

Server is slow, game is freezing, and I’m getting all kinds of odd errors like this one:

I’m sure it’ll get fixed. Pretty rough right now though.

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It’s a bug caused by server overload.
It has happened before, always on a Monday, then there is there is the added problem of many people being off work today.
I would avoid opening chests, contributing gold or playing pvp until it’s fixed.

Thanks for the response, please make sure you submit a ticket for those 50 glory chests you lost (Glory doesn’t come easy you know🙂)

Had the same this morning, it said “youre not in a guild” …and then prompted me to create one… almost had a heart attack cause ive built my botanist club guild up mostly by myself, and the help of another cool dude who stayed active when i was taking a half year break. Man i wouldve seriously instaquit if my guild had stayed gone but gladly after restarting the game it was back to its original state.

First thing I did, well second :japanese_ogre:

This little ‘‘joke’’ has been lasting more than THREE WEEKS NOW AND DEVS DIDN4T DO ANYTHING AT ALL !! The servers are still all over the place and you cannot be sure that your Guild will be found or that your duels will be validated anymore !!!


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Last time i traversed the chaotic abyss of these forums i noticed a thread somewhere stating there would be a server migration, maybe that will fix it.

I too have had to tell my guildies and have seen chat fill up with disturbed people asking about if they were kicked or not from their guild loads…

Also have been having huge server hickups myself lately on the loading part, sometimes making me think the game has hardcrashed and then 2 mins later it suddenly just continues. I think theres alot of server ping qeues in this game that create problems everytime the server is in trouble, almost everything you do is first communicated through the server. Perhaps this should be a point of change but i dont know much about server related code and how much room there is for lowering such.

Anyway, hopefully that migration fixes it allready.