Update when console mobile in synch?

@Saltypatra @Sirrian @Nimhain

Any update on when console and mobile will be in synch. It’s been a while since the last full update and it is February…

Understand there are bugs to fix from last console patch. How goes it?

Understand there may be some residual bugs from server move. Perhaps resolved?

We’re only one patch away from mobile, and it was a smallish patch. Are you close to submitting to MS Sony?

For mass troop catchup once we get same patch as mobile, drop all troops in chests and have extra glory packs in stores for traitstone catchup?


like you said they have to fix the bugs in the game after that we get the new update 2.2 but i think is coming at the end of february month or march please be patient the dev have working everyday to make this game playable and better and without the submitting to Microsoft or Sony they are no update have a nice day

Yes we are close to submitting. But we’re hoping the troop catchup is more gradual. Which is why consoles are getting 2 troops currently for glory to the PC/ Mobile’s 1 (except for this week).

Beyond that nothing to announce yet. Hopefully soon though.