Upcoming Gems Sale (This Weekend!)

You know the drill, adventurers…

At reset tonight we will be having a gem sale! It’ll go over the weekend, and you can find it in the in-game store after daily reset.

Here is your courtesy post ahead of time. <3

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How many gems need to be bought to remove Epic Tasks from the game?

The inclusion of deeds are a nice thought. But they are worthless as long Imperial Deeds are available once every 3 weeks or so.

I’ve asked before and I’ll continue to ask. How many more players does the game need to lose before someone admits that not all the changes are a good thing?
And perhaps it’s best to revert to the ways of when GoW was at it’s peak. I’m 100% certain the time was prior to 4.7 being implemented. Just because the world is ending doesn’t mean Gems of War needs to end with it.

PS… Getting Gems of War on Gamepass so Xbox players can play on their phone should be a no brainer @5👿5.

I included the games that are already on it because at least 2 of them are published by 505 Games so clearly the relationship is already there.


I can’t give you a figure on how may gems need to be bought to remove Epic Tasks, because we don’t have any plans to remove them at this time.

Our game numbers and metrics are looking good. If they significantly dropped that would be another story, but they have not. If they ever do drop significantly over a period of time, we will of course address them.


Of course the numbers and metrics are looking good. Good numbers don’t mean that players are having more or less fun than before but i have a pretty good idea of which one it is. If you would be interested in that, you’d do in game-polls or anything of that kind (or just read the forums, but then you’ll say it’s too biased probably because there the “numbers” suddenly don’t count).

It’s a little sad to see it confirmed actually that the player base is just some numbers on your graphs. Good to know though.

To finish, speaking for myself: i just keep playing because of my progress over the years and I’m waiting for a big change for me to continue. It’s a ticking time bomb though and i think there are quite some players sharing the soon exploding room with me. I’m considering quitting every day. But as i conclude from your “numbers” statement: for you to take action, we need to stop playing in the first place. Now that’s a paradox hu.


Yeah, this. Considering “metrics” tend to include things like “how many hours a day people play” and “how much people spend” that have absolutely nothing to do with the enjoyment of the game.

Two months ago, Campaigns were added. A combination timesink and obscenely tantalizing shop offer. Of course their “metrics” are positive! They sold battlepa$$es by the boatload I’m sure, and to get full “value” from your pa$$, you need to play the entire campaign. Those extra minutes add up as “increased player engagement”.

Also, “our game numbers” could mean So. Many. Things. Number of concurrent players? Number of Shop purchases? Number of downloads? Number of new accounts created? Number of battlepa$$es sold?

If this is being framed as a positive, I’m going to assume it’s a reference to the numbers that are considered important to the suits who make the decisions. Ergo, the game is making more money. That’s the only assumption we can be reasonably certain is accurate, and those who draw a parallel between profitability and quality are a tad naive.

raises hand

Not just this, people need to stop spending. Yes, that includes that “$1 a week” battlepa$$ that was probably the biggest influx of income this game has seen in a long, long time.

And if there’s one thing I feel I can assume with a degree of accuracy, it’s that people will keep buying pa$$es. IP2/505 has secured a revenue stream because they’re literally giving away the farm for a buck a week and a lot of gamers can afford a buck a week. Principle doesn’t matter if the price is low enough :wink:

No, I’m not saying people who are truly enjoying the game should stop playing or supporting it. They absolutely should continue enjoying the game, and supporting if they choose.

People who aren’t happy with aspects of the game but bought a pa$$ for “reasons” (eh, it’s a cheap mythic…etc.) should be aware that they’re encouraging the business to continue ignoring their concerns. If they’re okay with that, then cool, keep spending.

People who aren’t happy with a significant part of the game but continue playing anyway (social community, sunk-cost/sunk-time fallacy, etc.) are probably largely aware that they no longer matter in the eyes of the suits. Whether this group of players continue to play or not literally doesn’t matter. By continuing to play, they serve as content for other players. If they quit, they stop consuming server space. Obviously, this group should not be spending. If they are, they’re part of the problem.

I’m in the third group. I play for the social community aspect and that’s about it. My game time has continually dropped and is a fraction of what it used to be, though.


Idk why folks are mad. What I read was inspiring.
Here look:



For F2P games, the companies who publish/develop them dont really care about the enjoyment factor to hook players. The primary concern is to hook players with addictive mechanics (like the guild concept, a tribute to collect every hour, sense of achievment with many hours put in a constantly evolving and seemingly endless game, …etc…).
They also need constantly new players (like the tobacco industry who need constantly new smokers to replace the ones they killed). In Gems, the dying ones are not only the ones who leave the game but also simply the ones who dont spend money.
They constantly need new players because with the deliberately confusing offers in the shop with millions of currencies and a grotesque fixed Gem price, new players are the most likely to buy things in the shop, unaware of how the game work. The flash offers must be very tempting for a new player.
But stating for 5 years that a bottle of water is worth 100$ and then making flash offers with the same bottle at 20$, does that make it a great deal?

For a game that rely only on fun to hook players, I would suggest normal games with a fixed price at release.


Yup. That’s why my entire “active” game library - “active” referring to games I’ve played in the last 90 days - minus 4 titles is made up of fixed-price games. Humorously, out of those 4 titles, GoW is the only one I do not spend money on.

Full disclosure, one of the 4 is a subscription-based game, but I’m including it because it’s not “buy once, play forever”. I only play 3 F2P games, but I do spend money on the two that aren’t GoW.

Gaming is my primary hobby, so if I’m not working or sleeping I’m quite likely playing video games. If I had to venture a guess, I bet I spend less than 7 hours a week on GoW. I figure an hour a day is reasonable for what all I do in the game. That leaves a lot of open hours, which get filled by games that are quite a bit more fun :slight_smile:


This is my thinking atm.
I would have happily bought the Elite pass cause it IS effectively cheap, BUT it would be like saying “hey, I like what you’re doing! Keep on going!” and it is obviously not the case.

I decided not to support this game direction, so Urskaya will fall behind and wait 'till I get those 2 troops “normally”.
It won’t matter in the end but at least I feel coherent with myself


I agree with your whole post, except this little part.
What matter is not the price of the Elite pass, because if you buy it at every campaign then what looked cheap turn into something expensive.
In the end, Gems is a 2D 3 match gem worth around 20$ so any total above that is already too much (Im in this group as Im VIP 6 even if I didnt spend money in this game since 2016).
And Im not buying the argument that this game receive constantly new things over the time because if we look more carefully about what is added (new troops, new game modes,…) it still remain a 2D 3 gem match game with many unfixed bugs/translation mistakes but fortunately with also some fun mechanics. So maybe with the “updates” lets put it at 30$ in place of 20. But thats very generous.
In no way it can be compared to 60$ games like Dark souls, BL2, Skyrim, etc…


These devs think their gems are unobtanium from Avatar. $20 million per kilo. They charge like it.


I’m hoping that they buff Epic Tasks (ET) rewards. While I agree with the lack of access to Imperial Deeds (which the devs need to address), I like that we can get deeds in the ETs. However, with the introduction of Books of Deeds, the single deed rewards from ETs are essentially useless. Can we get more information on their plans for acquiring the kingdom upgrade resources???

No. Because in the past, if they shared their plans and then for whatever reason failed to follow through (plans change), they would then have their words quoted back at them over and over again. So they will no longer discuss plans if they are unable to 100% commit to them, which is why we only get info when things are about to release. And I can’t really blame them for it.

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No. Because this forum has become one way and we don’t get any information anymore, sadly


Gems of War is at a point where the the devs are paranoid of the player base to the point of PTSD and a good portion of the player base is very cynical of the dev’s motives (aggressive monetization, lack of communication, sweep under the rug mentality).

Morale keeps spiraling in a negative direction and I worry for the health of the game. Something really should be done…

The game as a whole used to be a lot more friendly place when the devs used to communicate with its player base much more about positive things, and not just putting out a fire that they set off.

Tying back to the topic, these gem sale topics used to have either “why not make gem prices cheaper as a sale” or general silence. Now, its yet another hotspot.


IMHO, the lesson should be that NOT addressing issues won’t make anything better. The forums will continue to get more and more toxic until communication improves.
Anyway I’m at a stage where I’ve decided to not frequent the forum anymore. What’s the point if it’s not a place where the devs can actually answer our questions and acknowledge issues? I can whine and complain to you lot just as effectively on Discord.

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Even with the gem sale, the sale price is atrocious. These gem sales are so rare that the gem prices should be amazingly good – to the point where I actually want to spend money.

The first 750 bonus is from the Gem Sale. The second 750 bonus is from my VIP level. The third bonus of 1500 is from a First Purchase bonus.

Without any bonuses, The Motherlode is 15 gems per dollar. With the Gem Sale, it’s 22.5 gems per dollar. With my 50% VIP bonus, it’s 30 gems per dollar. With the First Purchase bonus, it’s 45 gems per dollar. And that’s with nothing else. Just gems.

The best gem deal in the game is 50 gems per dollar AND you get a Vault key with that.

You want me to spend money on gems? Make me an offer I wouldn’t want to refuse.


All gem sales as repeatedly proven by basic maths disrespect the player base. Without some respect here you will have no meaningful player base.


When I look at the screenshot you uploaded, I cant help myself but feel really weird.
Its a strange mix of stupefaction and sadness. Looking at this grotesque, insane and out of any common sense price for something that is part of just a little 2D game worth what? 20$?.. A price at 100$! Almost 2 times the price of a AAA game! Its truly mindblowing!.. Im wondering what the hell is happening to the video game world since a few years.
I guess that to be able to do such things require a subtle mix of courage, arrogance and confidence in the addictive mechanics implemented in the game.
I almost admire them because I, for sure, wouldnt be able to do that. I still have some respect for humans.

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Still a ripoff. The only reason this SEEMS like a good deal is because the motherload exists.