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Last week of Campaign: your views on the Free/Paid Pass?

Cosmetic pets still count toward Kingdom power levels. Case in point, Blackhawk has 5 available pets and 4 of them are “cosmetic”. Power level 15 requires collecting two pets. Power level 17 requires two level 20 pets.

Urskaya, thankfully, has 3 regular (non-event) pets available…but that doesn’t mean a future campaign won’t cause a problem if it involves a kingdom that doesn’t have a wider selection of non-event pets.

I (and others, I’m guessing) have all raised the question on whether, or when, this pet will be available to the people who didn’t buy a battlepa$$. I never saw an answer. Even if it eventually becomes available, it will still cost over 2,000 Gems to get it to mythic.

Before anyone says you don’t need to get event pets to mythic, I point again to Blackhawk as an example where you will need to mythic an event pet unless either a second non-event pet is released or its companion delve is lauched, which would have a pet tied to faction level. (There may be other kingdoms in a similar position but this was the one that came to mind.)

This might help lower-level players who take the “shotgun” approach to spending keys, but high level/end-game players will wait for Urskaya to come around as the featured Kingdom again and use Event keys, which also have a chance to drop Doomclaw. I’m not sure I’d take those odds, myself. Plus, Urskaya is the Event kingdom this week which means it could be another 30+ weeks before it comes back around.

Yes, anywhere from 4 to 18 weeks after the campaign ends. The devs refuse to clarify this further. 4 weeks is acceptable, 18 weeks is a ludicrous time gate for free players.

This is a reach. Since the initial wave of events (Invasion, Raid Boss) began, I’ve only received a mythic from buying event tiers once. Many of my guildmates, a lot of whom play events at the same activity level as me (or higher!) have never received a mythic when buying tiers. Getting a mythic this way is like winning the lottery.

I don’t use winning the lottery as a financial strategy, but maybe some people do.

I disagree, and I didn’t buy one (and won’t buy future ones). The pa$$ was designed to be too good to pass up for any player with an ingrained sense of “how much a mythic is worth in GoW”. The pa$$ may actually be one of the best deals GoW has ever seen, and I don’t say that lightly.

The mentality behind the pa$$ was rubbish.
The psychological squeeze you feel for passing up a $10 mythic (especially while knowing it could take nearly 5 months to show up to craft) is icky rubbish.
The slow resource bleed for free players to even complete the campaign at all, designed entirely to highlight how you get all your resources back and more for “a mere $1 week” is rubbish.

I’ve seen a lot of players say that the pa$$es represent an incredible deal and they’ll likely buy them again. Let’s be realistic. As much as some of us want these silly pa$$es to blow up in the company’s face, they’ve likely done quite the opposite and resulted in a huge payday.

Absolutely correct, but thanks to the overwhelming support from pa$$ buyers, it’s going to continue and likely get worse.


SMARTER design would have been:

Kurandara available at week 10 to all users.

Enraged Kurandara also available at week 10 to EP+ … while still making it 8 power orbs in the soulforge.

Purchases of EP+ would have been a ton higher. Guaranteed.


So are some of the $5 weapons so the devs are bringing out new weapons for kingdoms that need them for stars. When it comes to needing a pet from the pass for stars the devs will probably just release a new pet from that kingdom.

I’m just saying that it is available through keys and that it is not only for people who paid.

I’m not saying this is a good way to get it I’m just saying that it is another possible way.

For FTP players this game is thousands of hours of enjoyment for 100% free and you can get everything in this game for free. The devs need money to keep the game going and charging to have some content early is a thousand time better than having content that is only available for money.

Ok, so now that they’ve made a dang KILLING from battlepa$$es, will we finally see QOL updates, bug fixes, localization fixes, etc.?

Of course not. We’ve shown them how to make money, so now they want more money.

The “devs gotta eat” schtick has got to stop. This isn’t a GoFundMe to buy the devs a pizza. I might actually contribute to something like that because I’d know where the money is going.

The devs are quick to talk about how well the game is doing every time the subject comes up, so it’s reasonable to assume they’re still getting paid. The money doesn’t go directly to them anyways - it goes to the parent company, which pays IP2 for their work (and who gives them marching orders on what they’re allowed to work on). It’s possible they get some kind of bonus or profit sharing based on earnings, but people need to stop acting like it’s a given that the $10 they spend goes directly to the devs to pay them for their hard work. It doesn’t.

For all we know, the devs may absolutely chafe at the fact that they’re not allowed to give players what they ask for. They can’t take an hour and fix a bunch of typos/localization errors to bundle with the next patch. They can’t remove all the PITA extra clicks from Explore (even though they did exactly that before the Explore revamp re-implemented that pain spot). They can’t take extra time for QA in light of some of the issues that have made it through. For all we know, they’re forced to put on a smile and get excited about a product they know is becoming ever more manipulative. We’ll never know. The devs/forum reps seem like really nice people and I doubt they sit in a conference call all morning trying to decide how to piss the players off. I’m going to make the assumption they’re doing the best they can in the position they’re in.

We’re going to see another too-good-to-be-true battlepa$$ in two weeks. I just hope we see free pass rewards that actually make up for the resources we are required to spend in order to complete the campaign this time. You know, rewards that are actually REWARDS. I don’t mind the paying folks getting more goodies, but unless you really value the stat boost from the Artifact, the campaigns in their current state don’t seem worth doing for a free player.


Me and my pet issues with the gnolls and the cheap/horrible/traced art strongly disagree. :skull:

Their track record for fixing Bugs/QoL/Language issues speaks for itself: metrics are looking good, no time can (needs to?) be allocated towards said improvements.
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


I agree some of the art leaves something to be desired, but I would still posit that this isn’t the devs’ decision to make. The orders likely come from higher up regarding who does the art and how much time they’re allowed to put into it.

Yes, and I was joking about it (as in: “Such a slow and boring day… I know, let’s do this just to see Razzagor flip over it.”)

But well, on a more serious note: The devs keep saying their metrics are good, and that all is fine, but they don’t commit to addressing our most desired changes:


That’s because “metrics” being good is completely unrelated to addressing any changes.

“It has been pushed back, and while I’ve been personally advocating for this, I would recommend you just assume it’s not going to happen.”

That literally describes the entire state of the game right now in terms of every single thing players have asked for.

More people need to realize this, honestly.


Yep and the delays on things fixed are deliberate tricks = nothing gets resolved, some players stay around in hope, maybe short cut and pay up.

I’d wager the suits weren’t happy with the initial slow uptake on battlepa$$ and that’s why we are going to get more carrots - books (useless without lots of imperial deeds) in the next campaign. Sprinklings of books, division of the haves and have nots, $$$ for the spreadsheet watchers!

Not long to find out…

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Good points. I bought the Elite pass mainly because I needed a small purchase to level up to the next VIP level. The Campaign system as a whole didn’t deserve the “major update” title of 5.0, in my opinion, but it could be modified to the point where it’s not absolute trash for f2p players, and then it would be… I mean, still not a great or engaging feature overall, but it would be fine.

As it stands now, Campaigns are a laughable, clear-as-day push for players to pay up or go home. If that changed and f2p rewards were decent, I’d be alright with Campaigns.


Yup. I’ve played through the first one on more of a “well, let’s see” stance, but I don’t know if the bonus stats are worth the timesink and resource bleed for a free player. I’m strongly considering skipping future ones unless the rewards are increased to actually…I dunno…be rewarding? (Not to mention respectful of the player’s time.)


I’m sure at least 90% of people know the money is going to 505 games. I’m not an idiot I know where my money is going but if this game doesn’t make enough profit for their liking then they will just stop supporting it and make another game that could make more money. It happens constantly with TV shows that don’t make as much profit as the station would like and they cancel the show and try something else.

We all know that all game companies care about is the money. GTA Online one of the most popular games in the world and one of the buggiest is only doing stuff to make money. There was a few literally game breaking bugs in the game for over 9 months and a couple that have been in the game for years but all the devs are doing is working on stuff that will make them money. Thousands of players were basically banned for taking advantage of a feature in the game that the devs broke were as 2 years ago you could go do glitches to cheat as much as you want and you would even lose the stuff you cheated for.

All game companies are doing everything they can to maximise profits but at least GoW is giving out content early to players who pay instead of locking content away behind money or making you play 12 hours a day for months which is what a lot are doing.


I bought the pass at the start but will not be buying the next. With the silence of the devs, the staleness/frustration of world events and the lack of meaningful balance changes I think that this will be my last couple weeks in the game. We appear to be only being wrung out of our cash with minimal effort put in by the dev team.


The pass is not the problem. The campaign is the problem. It’s boring. They should get rid of the campaign all together. The reward for FTP is bad anyway so just do the pass and give weekly stuff to those folks and since there are stats involved maybe FTP can get those with some of the resources everyone has a ton of or gems or diamonds.


I’ve bought the E+. Was it worth the price? No. For more than double the price of E pass, I think that we deserve something more than some keys and a vault one.


Voted for Bought pass & do not recommend. Simply because I don’t want to tell others how to spend their money. If you complete(d) the campaign, the Elite Pass is probably the second best money value after Dragon knight Armor.

My problem is with the campaign itself. The first few weeks were fine, but as the campaign grew longer it felt more and more like a chore. I only completed it, because of the money investment. This week is already busy enough with GW and World Event. I really did not enjoy doing 15 or so battles with a hammer, followed by 15 battles with Urskaya team, followed by 15 battles with xxx. Or whatever the order was, just to complete some random tasks from a list. If I could have done them simultaneously, that would have been different. Now it just felt like a waste of game-time.

So going forward, I’m neither going to buy the pass or do the campaign. Otherwise, I’ll just burn myself out doing non-fun things.

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Somewhere on these forums they actually said they intentionally made the rewards for elite + as they are so they wouldn’t create an imbalance for f2p players.

Imagine telling people who paid you money that they intentionally nerfed your paid rewards because people who didn’t pay them would feel it was unfair.

You might be referring to this:

That’s not a bad thing, they don’t want things too P2W.


I was willing to pay for, but the rewards were not worth it.

This is kind of an ongoing issue for me.
I wouldn’t mind to spend 5-10 bucks once in a while, but you absolutely NEVER get any value for your money.

Yes, the game is free and I do like the devs get payed to continue to work on the game, but it has to be reasonable. Not spending 10-20 bucks on something I can get for free in the game by playing it for an hour (or less).

For example; I wouldn’t mind to spend some money on extra team slots (1$ or 1€ per additional slot).

This would give me no benefits against other players, but would give me alot of playing value.