Upcoming Change to Factions, Pets & Kingdom Levelling

Maybe pure faction teams are going to get doubled stats from Hoardes? :thinking:

True that. They are not

Anyone remember this gem? If only it were still true…

Kingdom power limited by your choice of a paywall pet or cosmetic pet. Sad.


Yes. This is a problem.

Once upon a time, I suggested (in another thread) that Bright Beetle could be moved from “Primal” to Leonis Empire. It wouldn’t be a perfect fix, because that would only delay this particular issue from 23 stars to 27 stars, but it would be a start and grant some time to find a more permanent fix (since Leonis can only get to 25 right now).

There’s a new Leonis cosmetic pet coming out early next month. I’ve already suggested to my guildmates that they save the gems so that they can mythic the thing; they’re in more dire straits than I am in this category because I’m the only one who has fully completed City of Thieves.

Maybe the “best” long-term solution should be to introduce cosmetic pets into the Daily Deals and Arena victory offers, even if it’s at a (slightly) higher price. Because I’m not sure how else to address this.


wow a bump on this thread got me, I thought it was a new News thread. :joy: :rofl:


Same! I was reading the date as 19th July - then reached the ‘two years later’ mark and felt like an idiot! :joy:


Excited for the official news til I realized it was an old thread bumped up.

Keep in mind that this game was sold last year so devs/publishers may have changed.

Quoting something from 2 years ago is likely why dev’s rarely interact with the community anymore. Anything they say is taken as gospel that will be thrown back at them.

Same boat as you, but not mad…I understand business :no_good_man:


There is a special place for you in the scraggiest corner of the Australian outback for bumping this 2 year old thread just to make a point, lol


Good, the North remembers. :slight_smile:


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Seeing a new official news post:

Realizing @beeflog is trolling all of us:
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A little something something :thinking: …(in my Arte Johnson voice)Veeeeery interesting :face_with_monocle: :joy::joy::joy: