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Cosmetic pets question

Hello guys i was wondering if cosmetic pets such as the calico pirate cat, counts towards kingdom power progression?

Yes they do! :slight_smile:

Nice for the “collect X pets from kingdom” task, not very useful for “get X pets to mythic” unless you’re spending a lot of gems on getting extra copies.


Adding onto @mitamata 's post,

Cosmetic pets don’t add any additional power to a team, but they do count as a valid pet for the kingdom in which they are assigned for purposes of overcoming kingdom Power hurdles.

For example, today’s cosmetic pet, if leveled to 20, can replace the faction pet from City of Thieves for overcoming Leonis’s Power 17 pet requirement hurdle. Keep in mind though, that’s committing 2500 - 3000 gems to a cosmetic pet to bypass the pet requirement hurdle. Then again, clearing PF500 at City of Thieves isn’t exactly a trivial task either.


Thanks guys, city of thieves is my farming delve so the faction pet is out the question. Now the decision is gonna be taken when my Gem accountant leaves his office! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree with Lyrian on this and in fact today I decided (for the 1st ever time) to buy the cosmetic pet to mythic because it served the purpose of progressing the kingdom to 17. I only did this because I’ve struggled to get rescues of the kingdom boost pet which is still only at epic. The cost was 2.2k gems which isn’t bad considering it was from scratch (baskets were generous) and is positively a bargain when you consider how many gems and how much time is needed to get a faction pet to mythic during a 1 or 3 day event. This is not something I will make a habit of but Leonis would have been stalled for many many months if I didn’t unless it appeared in a Wednesday pet event and I decided to buy it then.


Add onto that the cost of buying sigils and multiple Potions of Power to gain the required stat boosts, 2.2k gems isn’t that bad of a deal at all when viewed from that perspective.

Excellent point. Ninja Cat came out in August 2019, thirteen months ago. That cosmetic pet is still holding players back in Darkstone without a ASE PF500 clear. To date, the “real” pet to replace the Ninja Cat still hasn’t been released for kingdom progression purposes.

Today’s cosmetic pet in Leonis fits into exactly the same niche as the Ninja Cat in Darkstone. Long-term radar shows both kingdoms reaching Power 20 for extra stat points before the end of the year. Personally, I strongly doubt that this is mere coincidence.

With Power 21+ requirements in the future listing four and five pet per kingdom requirements, one can easily surmise that similar situations regarding future cosmetic pet releases will appear over time. Although the devs have promised to never permanently lock kingdom behind cosmetic pets (a statement I still believe to be true, to the best of my knowledge), there’s nothing stating that the devs can’t continue to release cosmetic pets as “early access” purchases for kingdom stars as a type of monetization both now and in the future.

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I just wish they stopped putting out cheap cosmetic pets. We could have all sorts of cool stuff, like:

  • Pets that increase by x% (scaling with pet level) that Kingdom’s mythstones;
  • Pets that provide potion effects (one for each ascension level) when exploring that Kingdom;
  • Pets that, when at max level, reduce the number of fights in an Explore run by 1.

And the list could go on and on.



Some of the cosmetic pets were supposed to buff traits, like + 3 burning damage per turn to burning enemies. But that was judged to powerful against newbies, the idea shelved, and now we have the boring cosmetic pets we have today.