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Did anyone ever bought cosmetic pets?

I am interested if anyone spent gems for this event pets that are only available for 1 day and are not in the drop pool afterwards.
They are set up as gem sink, but is that even working?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not yet

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Couldn’t resist adding that… :rofl:


They’re not worth spending gems on. Just hope you get 6 without spending those hard earned gems.

Someone posted a fully ascended Murica birb pic when that event took place so yes someone did spend gems on it.


Completionists do
For example New Pet - Lil' Freedom

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I answered yes to the poll as I am the one who made the Lil’ Freedom mythic… But I did not spend any gems on todays pet.

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As a cosmetic, you only need one copy, right?

It should be, but I was wondering if people are buying them for pet mastery or collection purposes, or whatever else.

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The main difference between the two cosmetic pets is one is tied to an actual kingdom (War Corgi) and one is not (Lil’ Freedom) I do know that to reach PL17 we have to upgrade 2 kingdom pets to level 20.


Poll should have a “Not yet” option. If I liked an event pet enough, I could see myself doing a @Clark for the forum lulz.

Edited the poll to add this then realised it reset the previous votes…
Lesson learned lol.

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There are 2 other pets for this kingdom in the spoilers so I guess that you don’t have to worry about that :wink: .

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That will be good. That will give us one extra pet for when Sword’s Edge becomes PL19 possible.

Didn’t have enough food for mythic, but got the needed copies.

That said, I only did that because it’s a Corgi. I didn’t buy anything for Lil’ Freedom and there’s currently no upcoming pet I would ever spend gems on. I only do stuff like that for bunnies and Corgis - and I also only did it because both Suna and Weaver were nice enough to come to me with keys only so that my gem amount had some time to regenerate. Sword’s Edge also is my home kingdom and favourite kingdom, so that was an extra boost to my decision.

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I ignored the bird. I bought enough War Corgis to make mine epic. Why? Corgi.



Every time I see a Corgi, I think of this old favorite of mine:


I thought the Wednesday pets do enter the drop pool after x time?

They do IF they aren’t cosmetic event pets. Pets like Lil Freedom and War Corgi are cosmetic and won’t be in the regular drop pool.

Ooooooh. :man_facepalming:

Odds are high it’s in the event pool right now. Every “new” pet so far has been available the day after in my guild since release. I reported it the first and second times, then decided the devs probably don’t care.