Tiny Torte Rescue Seriously

As levelling kingdoms is related to pets in some circumstances , its very tardy and inexcusable not to exclude a cosmetic pet like Tint Torte from a pet event. We need pets that count. This pet should not be in the cycle. Sloppy work and one pet event I won’t bother with as will many others.

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Cosmetic pets still count towards kingdom levelling. For Tiny Torte, it relates to Blackhawk.


Time to pull out an oldie but a goodie…
Everything about the OP…
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The devs were/are nice enough to give us the ability to get these old exclusive pets. If you bite their hand, they’ll stop giving them to us. So please stop the madness.


point taken thanks for correcting my silly silly terrible appalling post. What can I say I’m in awe of the reverent advice. Your obvious faultless understanding of the game. Where would we be without your godlike guidance. Again thankyou, thankyou.


Love the dripping delicious sarcasm :rofl:

computer laugh

I’m glad they are available, but they are still to rare to get them maxed
I’m hoping there will be a way in the future to do so

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You could pay a lot of gems…

And i would do it for the ninja cat to correct my mistake not doing it at release :sob:

Having old pets return occasionally is a very good thing for long term completion. It’s basically just another chance to dump gems into them, but it’s better than nothing. I hope they continue (or implement an even better system).

I’m so glad to see somebody handle finding out they were dead-ass wrong like an adult, instead of like a 5-year-old sulkmaster. :roll_eyes:


Oh I make mistakes all the time. I’m just quick to delete them when I do…once I realized a mistake has been made. I don’t see the point in letting it sit.
You have the same ability to edit the OP and the title just the same as if I made the post.

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I appreciate the chance to get the old pets. But maybe we could turn the Wednesday pet block into cosmetic pets instead of pets we get during the normal rotation? Or consider doing a cosmetic pet weekend similar to vault weekend where pet gnomes only drop cosmetic/event pets? Maybe increase the difficulty by making them last for 10-20 min instead of an hour?