Upcoming Change to Factions, Pets & Kingdom Levelling

lol, figures. Thanks! at least its a vault weekend.

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You have to get 1 pet copy to force the change to kingdom stars. Of course I didn’t get a single copy until my 8th battle for a pet that I don’t need.

Dark stone. It says that u need 24 troops. But it only registers 23. To get 15 stars. Can u guys check it out

I have 24 troops listed in my account. Do you own all the Darkstone troops?

Yep. All fully maxed out
Might be some glitch or something

24 troops at level 20. You are probably missing some ascensions.

Well, all faction pets are now kingdom pets. If I select a faction, I do not see any pet bound to it. So pets do not have “double citizenship”, like faction troops?


I think its glitch or a bug

Merchant Prince is level 19


Oh yeah :joy: I see it now.

Sorry guys my bad🙈


They should if they’re still getting their unique troop faction bonuses on a team.

There wouldn’t really be any benefit. Pet bonus is not based on “citizenship”, so it’s okay if the faction pet now belongs exclusively to the kingdom.

What are you talking about?

The pet is still 100% tied to the faction just like the troops are. And now (it sounds like) people can’t check the Faction from the pets menu to see what it is tied to. They gave to check the Faction renown bonus if Unowned.

This part:


The pet doesn’t need All-Seeing Eye “double citizenship”, it works the same without. I suspect the game data currently doesn’t even allow pets to belong to two sources.

Based on that logic. Why do the troops need it then?

Because Ocularen is supposed to benefit from the All-Seeing Eye bonus (enhanced by Eye Pod) and the Darkstone bonus (enhanced by Trogpole). There are also some spells and weapons where the “citizenship” of troops matters (e.g. boost factor due to allied troops or summoning a troop of a given kingdom).

Guys this might be the answer too pure faction team on the next update. Using all seeing eye troops and darkstone troops. As a pure faction.
Just a hunch

I hope you’re wrong. Not all kingdoms are created equally.


Don’t hate on my Khetar All-Stars, the Washington Generals of Krystara. Or on Grosh’Nak, home of the two bestest base mythics this side of Dhrak-Zum.

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