Upcoming Change to Factions, Pets & Kingdom Levelling

@Saltypatra Why not simply make the pet levels stack? Two level 10 pets would count as one level 20? Counting the faction pets and cosmetic pets is a step in the right direction, but we still have too many random variables wrapped up into a 1 hr pet rescue event. Make it where the levels add across all pets for the kingdom, and/or allow players to rescue more pets and choose which pets to rescue.

@Fourdottwoone is on the money. :slight_smile: We are bringing this change to make it easier for players to level their kingdoms if they miss out on an exclusive cosmetic pet.

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You can just remove the “X pets at level 20” so that players:

  • don’t be screw because they didn’t max out a limited edition pet (with plenty of gems -> :dollar:),
  • don’t have to do level 500 delve with faction team: yeah I know it’s going to be feasible after the patch 4.5… in this case, do this update after patch 4.5, not now… because currently the message is: “we are so nice that now you can use your faction pets to power-level up your kingdoms, but you have to do that crappy level 500 delve faction battles that we know are not feasible (aside some of them in which you can use pure RNG mechanics like lethal damage)”

And “do the level 500 delve faction to max the faction pet” is just meh. The main reason to max a pet should be to get the max bonus… whereas you get the max bonus after doing the most difficult battle… and let’s be honest nobody will use a faction team outside the delve…


Uh no.

Just because you don’t like factions doesn’t mean the foundations of a positive change that helps the player with no downside should be delayed to suit your needs.

Khetar and Darkstone can reach Power Level 15 from simply owning their faction pet as soon as the change takes place. You don’t need potions to get the pet. Ever.

The only faction pet that matters to get to level 20 before 4.5 would be All Seeing Eye and that one can and has been done without potions by quite a few people.


Good evening sir,
Will you be having the gold sink or the gem sink tonight?

Personally, I’d rather use potions that will speed up the event than use gold to invest in something unbalanced and designed to waste my gold. #hoard💯4life

I’ll have a little bit of both next Friday, thanks :slight_smile:

Some people prefer to spend gems over gold. shrug

Iirc ASE has been confirmed at hoard 100 doable by several here on the forums.

Yeah but its a giant pain to do and involves silly amounts of luck. See also: every single faction.


I feel the same way.

This confirms something we were briefly discussing a while back, that they didn’t really plan on repeating cosmetic pets. This removes me from competing on the pet leaderboard because I have not spent any gems in these pet events. Had we known prior to this, maybe things would be different but I’m finding it hard to care right now.

At least we will be able to get (most) kingdoms to max level now. That’s really what’s important.

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It’s been confirmed a man can wrestle a bear and kill it with his bear hands.

Would you line up to try?

It already got confirmed back in November 2018 by Saltypatra:

I’m not sure if it’s been requested before, but couldn’t we earn the Mythic faction pet with 2000 faction points instead of 2500?


It’s been suggested before – and I do like the logic, since Pure Faction Delve is the only time the bonus will ever be used. But I don’t know if there’s been any official response. I suspect it’s unlikely to change.

I’ll be curious to see what they come up with for faction vs faction change
They’ve been making better decisions more recently than before, but this change will require some thought and a major change to be effective
I’m hoping they will ask for some feedback before fully implementing, as these battles have a 99.9% chance of losing, gotta at least knock it down to 90% to be worthwhile

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Been trying harder since June 7, 20019

Bows satirically :grin:

Gotcha, thank you for the clarification!

In-game, I see that the faction pets are now part of the Kingdom, but the Kingdom hasn’t acknowledged them in calculating Kingdom Power. One of my other guildmates had it apply properly. What am I missing here?

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You need to do 1 pet rescue for the stars to trigger
My darkstone was up to 15 stars a few hours ago


Pointless change if this is intended.

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550 LT without a Mythic this week looks to be in our future. Good to know. :grinning:
PS just doing a rescue did nothing for me.
Did you upgrade a pet or get any pet copies that would tell the broken change to not only apply to certain players who accidentally jumped through half ass worked caused hoops?