Upcoming Change to Factions, Pets & Kingdom Levelling

Tnx :wink:

Nice update thx.
But salty. does this also means extra stats in delves?

Can we get the same thing for weapons please?:smiley:

Finally. my prayers were heard (Why Faction Pets are not Kingdom Pets as well?). So 11 kingdoms will receive additional pets very soon? Good news for Khetar, Darkstone, Mist of Scales and Pan’s Vale.

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Poor Idle…

What will I do now? le gasp

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@Demigod I don’t see why it would? This fix just makes the faction pets count towards kingdom levels.

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I see. Ok thanks. I was just checking.:+1::sunglasses:

As long as all pets required to level up a kingdom can be aquired for free (as in not linked to a real money transaction) all year round without delay. I’m fine with that.

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Technically this won’t satisfy that. Cosmetic pets will still matter. So there might still be some kingdom that can’t be maxed without its event pet, future or present. But it narrows the probability by a lot.

I’d really like to know if anyone anywhere is caring about Switch version of the game.
All these news with no relevance for me. That’s really disappointing.

I’m curious how the devs ensvisage the cosmetic pet is going to help. I think I may be missing some key element, because otherwise…

Seems to me, most cosmetic pets are only available once (so far), and there hasn’t been any plan to repeat them (so far). I suspect the vast majority of people end up with 1 to 3 copies of any cosmetic pet. In late-game, it starts to become affordable to spend enough Gems in the Pet Shop :laughing: to get 6 or even 16 copies. Six copies will enable 11 stars, which is nice.

However, my experience has been that kingdoms only really get “pet blocked” at 13 stars (and eventually 17 stars) – 31 copies are required to get a pet to level 20. Being in late-game but not end-game, this has been out of reach for me, so far. (Hope I’m getting the maths right.)

This thread suggests the pet drop rate from pet baskets is 10%. So on average, we get 3 copies from a new Pet Event (1 from Reward 8, 1 from Reward baskets (90%), 1 from the special event calendar). Another 3 copies are possible from Tier III (175 Gems), and guaranteed from Tier IV (375 Gems). That’s to get a L10 cosmetic pet.

Getting that pet to L15 (16 copies) does nothing for Kingdom Power. To get to L20, we need 28 additional copies – guaranteed by buying Tier VII 18 times (1075+1800 = 2875 Gems), or based on naive drop rate averaging, 13 times Tier VII (2375 Gems).

I draw two conclusions:

  1. Only end-game players and those who spend significant money on Gems are going to be able to get cosmetic pets to level 20 (assuming the value proposition makes sense to them).
  2. As a result, very few players are going to benefit from the upcoming cosmetic pet, UNLESS cosmetic pets start to return.

My suggestion, then, is that at least some cosmetic pets should return annually.


Cosmetic pets returning annually is a start, but really they should just enter the potential rescue pool, maybe after a waiting period?

E.g., the first event is the only time that pet is available for 3 months, but thereafter it can be found through normal pet rescues. That gives everyone a chance to get all pets eventually, while still maintaining temporary exclusivity for people who got it from the initial event.

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This is great. Thank you so much.

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Well they’re cosmetic pets so by design they aren’t supposed to benefit anyone.

They’ve made it impossible to get all the pets to Mythic. As a completionist, I’m cool with that because that saves me from spending another $50-$100 on the game just for a pet or 2. I’m knocking on VIP 12’s door though so we’ll see how long before I cave.

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Dunno if it’s possible coding-wise
But if it is, I think a good idea for pet rescue, the player who finds it, is guaranteed a pet that they need more copies of

As time goes on, a newly released pet becomes near impossible to get more copies of, as the drop pool becomes larger
An example is toy soldier, been a long time now, but I’m still at my first upgrade

Don’t fret!
There’s a solution for this:


You eventually need three pets for kingdom power levels, two of them at level 20. Next to no kingdom currently has three “regular” pets, so the “cosmetic” pet could be used as a substitute for one not leveled up (or, if you were desperate, for one leveled up to 20). However, “cosmetic” pets are one-shot, you either obtain them (and buy them to mythic) the one day they are released or you won’t ever be able to get them. That could lock you out of kingdom power levels for a very, very long time (there’s roughly one new “regular” pet each month, so possibly a wait time of several years). Allowing the “delve” pets to count for the associated kingdom adds the third pet for everyone coming late to the party.

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That does kind of make sense, @Fourdottwoone, as being what Salty was thinking.

For reference, here’s the pet requirements for Kingdom Stars (we have no information above 20 stars):

  • 9 stars: 1 pet
  • 11 stars: 1 pet to L10
  • 13 stars: 1 pet to L20
  • 15 stars: 2 pets
  • 17 stars: 2 pets to L20
  • 19 stars: 3 pets

(The jump to 13 stars currently feels very steep, in my opinion.)

Making Faction pets count for Kingdoms is definitely going to help reach 15 and 19 stars, but getting those pets to L20 is hard. Currently, your best shot is to spend about 2500 Gems and play about 6-8 hours on a Tuesday. That’s not cheap, but at least you get more rewards than spending those Gems on a cosmetic pet.

The cosmetic pets, on the other hand, could help with 15 stars or 19 stars. However, I find it hard to believe any player is going to hit the other requirements for 15 or 19 stars without having played long enough to also find at least one copy of every non-cosmetic pet – there’s just too many traitstones and too many copies of Legendary troops to make that believable.

In both cases, then we’re basically talking about end-game players.


  1. Making Faction pets count for Kingdoms is great.
  2. Cosmetic pets are very unlikely to be the deciding factor in gaining a Kingdom Star – unless they start appearing more than once.