Unistalled app and didn't log back in

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

The game was consistently crashing and a request appeared asking me to unistall and reinstall the app. This had appeared several times and stops the game from working. A force close usually fixed the issue but this was now constantly appearing when trying to play pvp, check rewards in the mail or retrieve kingdom rewards.

Upon doing so it did not log me back in and asked me to make a new account.

I simply need to know how to get back in as this is rather frustrating!

Any help is much appreciated.

You’ll need to contact Support to get back into your previous account.

To avoid this work-around in the future, you’ll want to Register your Device, upon giving your email it will give you your account password. You can use your Email + generated Password in the future to access your account via other devices as well. (Note: Only one account can be saved on any given device, any accounts accessed will overwrite the previous account saved.)

Also if you sign in with google play then that can act as a backup of your account as well. I recently reinstalled on my phone that got wiped (from getting sent off to be fixed) and once I copied my files back it said “An account has been detected on google play, do you want to log in with this account?” or something to that effect.


Thanks for the suggestions guys.

Support has been fantastic and it appears they have located my account so I should be up and running again shortly.

If anyone else has this problem I highly suggest contacting support!


Sadly I’m still waiting for an update. I’ve had no reply to my messages other than the inital confirmation that they had found my account and would assign an email address of my choice.

Has anyone experienced this? Has long did it take?

Hi JayD543,

Really sorry for the delay.
Due to the server issues we had on Sunday, our support got backed up with hundreds of tickets.
I’ve moved your request to the top of the queue for tomorrow morning when they get back in to the office (about 8 hours from now).


Hi Sirrian,

Thanks for the quick reply and nudge to the front, much appreciated!