Need support to help me get back into account


Spoke with Lila through ticket last Thurs, she wanted me to delete game then re install and she would help me get back in. I did, now i need a password to get back into my account. She was talking back and fourth with me going to give me one then vanished. I am owner of my guild Fast & Furious and have already had a good player leave because I had not shown up. I missed out in some guild wars last week and missing out on guild rewards now. I have replied to my ticket and started another with no response. Please help me get back to my account.


Might help if you’re able to provide the ticket number, to help them make sure they’re looking at the right ticket.

Also I’m assuming this is PC/Mobile based on the “delete the game then re install” part, so moving it to relevant support. Let me know if this is incorrect.


Never mind, salty just contacted me through discord and is looking into it. Ticket 41310. Thanks.


Hi Eightball,

Thanks @ozball. Glad to hear it worked out @Eightball :smiley:


I did the thing yesterday! 8D (Honorary support agent Salty to the rescue!)


Team Salty and Lila! goes for a high-five they miss, but they smile