Reinstalled the game on a prompt

Hello to all! :slight_smile:
I’ve been super excited for 2.0, so I updated the game today as soon as I got up. Everything went well, I opened the game, passed the loading screen (which is a total downgrade from Green Seer, btw :slight_smile:) and tried some pvp. After booting the game once more some time after, I was wellcomed by the world map and that loading mana circle with a skull thing. It went on and on, my screen dimmed and an in game prompt said: “Gems of war cannot load a resource, please reinstall and try again”
So, I did as asked and, well, now I’m back at level 5. :frowning:
I was level 160 before with 4 level 10 kingdoms, 3 fully traited Legends and a Mythic …
What I wish to ask is: Is there any way for me to get any compesation from this? The problem might be with my phone, or Android version, or Goblins, but some resources would be nice if a total restitution to my late account is impossible?
Just to be clear, I’m not some hard core gamer or anything, I did not pay a single dollar in game, and I will certainly NOT be mad at the developers or anything if there is nothing that can be done. You’ve made an awesome game and I’ll still play it. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

P.S. my current invite code is Nikola_7. My late invite code was Naruto_10.

Do you know your password for your old invite code? If so, you can restore your old account back onto your phone from the options menu. Click the account button at the bottom, then “Link to Another Account”. Make sure to select the account you want to keep. If you never registered the account and received a password, then you might be out of luck, but support may be able to do something for you if you put in a ticket.

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Thank you, Spherix. I’ll try your suggestions immediately.
Cool profile picture, btw. :slight_smile:

No luck on both accounts. (Ha, a pun) :slight_smile:
I can’t post a ticket for some reason, and account linking is a no-go it seems.
If a dev sees this any help would be nice.
If not, I’ll just grind it out once again. Shouldn’t be too hard now tgat I know my way around troops. :slight_smile:

maybe a dev has already seen but just in case @Sirrian @Nimhain
hope they get it fixed for you. Good Luck


Thanks mate, I managed to submit a ticket some minutes ago. Nice to see people that are glad to help. :slight_smile:
Even though my problem is a minor one. I’ve been enjoying the game for some two months now, so I didn’t get very far into it. However, any possible help would be welcome. :slight_smile: I need to get into that PvP once again, just to see what the fuss is about.

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Don’t worry, we’ve gotten your support request and our support team can help you recover your account.


Your support sure is speedy. :slight_smile:
They have already contacted me and my account should be recovered in no time. I am very happy indeed.
Thank you once again. Best of luck! :bouquet:

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Hi, I suffered from the same thing, how do I get my account back?

Contact our support team and give them your Hero’s Name, Invite Code and level.

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Um… How do I do that exactly? Sorry.

Try these steps: