Account deleted/overwritten (Mobile)

Hey guys!
Last week i bought a package and had problems with the game after this. I wrote a ticket and deleted the game to reinstall it.
I did the tutorial and wanted to link my account to this device. I filled in my email address and the password so i could chose only one account (progress 0%), so i cancelled it. I played a match and retried it. So i could chose between the 0% and the 4% account. I cancelled again.
I asked my guildmates via facebook what happend to my account, and they told me, that it doesnt appear in guild roster.

My account is about lvl ~760 and i hope you can help me quickly :cry:
My invite code (old) is CRANKYJANK
If you answer me via email, pleaso do it on the address that looks like my invite code


CrankyJank is in my guild.
I think what he’s trying to say is that his old original account wasn’t bound to an email, and that he’s trying to see if he can recover it back.

Also, didn’t you send a Support Ticket? It would help to mention your Ticket number here.

Yes sid, i sent 2 tickets, but i dont know the ID.

There should be confirmation emails for submitting the tickets.
Maybe they were filtered into junk mail?

There isnt anything in my mails :flushed:

Where did you send the tickets from? It should be through:

We’ve had several players contact us with reports of this over the weekend. I’ve found your support ticket and past it along to the team.