Underspire started in middle of map

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Underspire run started in the middle of the map on Moday, opponent teams were around level 140. The first official battle (red circle) was never visited.

No invite code available. Maybe other players also experienced the same issue and are able to contribute additional information.


Looks like the Batcave to me. :face_in_clouds:

Hey @Fourdottwoone

Was this on our account or a guild mate/friend? As I likely will have a couple more questions if this was ongoing after reset the following day

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Neither. Unfortunately, the player who encountered this doesn’t want to get involved with the support process, I was only able to obtain a screenshot and the basic information above.

Edit: Here’s some more screenshots, from the next days:

Apparently the issue persists over daily reset.

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