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Unable to link to ipad

Hi I have been trying to add my account to my ipad, which I have done before. However despite using my right password and email, I keep getting a pop up saying its wrong. I screenshot the password details so its 100% right. I tried to send a support ticket but got. We aren’t able to respond to this type of request as our team specialise in Technical Support, so we’ve closed your request.
So am unsure of what to do next?

I’m not sure if it’s relevant, but have you changed your Hero’s name by chance?
Considering you were able to link your device in the past and now you can’t make it work i wonder about all possible things that changed on your account from the previous versions of the game up to this point.

Also, have your iPad showed any strange behavior with other apps recently? While you wait for proper response from the team try to think about anything strange you noticed that happened recently on your device.

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Hello @jamie202. Please open another ticket to support, this time not under a bug report. Please instead put it under account issues. :slight_smile: