Two Serious Issues (design flaws?)

The lack of fixes to these two issues is really adversely impacting me.

First is there’s no login screen. I may be one of a few that has more than one active account with both over level 1000. It would sure be helpful if I could login or use either account on either device the cell phone or the pc. My laptop has been out of commission and I haven’t been able to access my stormchasee account. I’ll have to take it back tomorrow.

The second is getting a loss without any opportunity to complete the battle when I lose connection. While playing on the cell phone (it was a guild wars battle) I received a call and that severed the connection. The game didn’t pick up battle. It restarted and gave me a loss. That should not happen. What added insult to injury was the call was an apparent wrong number. The guy left a voicemail in Spanish (I think) from country code 52. Since you’re in contact with the server anyway you should have a chance to complete the battle or if you want accept the loss when you reconnect and start the game again.

I don’t think either of the fixes should be very difficult to implement.

With regard to your second issue, I don’t think this will ever be changed, because it is too easy to be used as an exploit. Imagine if people is doing badly in a particular GW, they can just turn off their connection to get a second, third, or Nth retry. That’s too game breaking imo.


Very different from PC version. during battle, you can play without internet. PC version only show connection lost during end of battle or when you try to start one. you can even “retry” sending your winning/losing until your internet recover.

It’s the same on mobile. Sometimes, I even complete a battle with a different IP address than I started with, because WiFi drops out and I use mobile data to retry.

OP’s issue occurred because his phone - through aggressive task management or because it didn’t have enough RAM - closed the app rather than suspending it. My phone has 6GB RAM and it’s not an issue for me.

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my thought exactly

Not really if designed properly. When you restart the game you would immediately be given the option to finish the battle from the point you lost connection or accept the loss. This would be before you could do anything else (collect, change the line up, do another battle etc). You have no chance to refight the battle from the start of the battle unless that’s when you lost connection. I don’t see how that could be abuseable. You either finish the battle for good or bad or you accept the loss period.