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Battles counting as losses on mobile

Hi to devs and everyone who made this game possible!

This might sound more like a complaint rather than a bug, but still. I don’t play a lot of gems of war weekly, but I’ve been playing for more than 2 years now. Since last summer I had no choice but to play on mobile because my schedule and having a lot of things to handle did not allow playing on PC anymore. And the experience I get from playing on mobile isn’t really the best. Even though I have LTE on my phone, the game still takes a lot to download things. During the PVP battles, sometimes the app might just shut down or keep downloading forever, and I lose battles because of things that I cannot affect. Just a suggestion for mobile app: can you please “save” battles and give the opportunity to continue where I (was made to) left off? Personally, I don’t mind if it will take some extra storage on my phone if you’re concerned about the sync. But I do mind running into similar issues over and over again, telling myself that I have to make it to Rank 1, not because I want to.

I am sorry if my message was not clear enough, not a native speaker. Thank you.

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