Two bugs on the ps4 version



Firstly, I’m French, so be comprehensive if I don’t use the proper terms. :smile:

Like I said in the title: I have two bugzz

The first one is the most annoying: I have unlocked two treasure maps
but when I go to Zulkari to use them on the treasure hunt mini game it
seems like I don’t have any… (It says: “Treasure map required” or something
like that… On my screen it’s: “Carte au trésor requise”)

The second is a bit less annoying but could become problematic
if it’s not fixed before I unlock all the weapons:
One of the tasks (Tâches in FR) on the top left of the screen doesn’t want
to end… It’s the “Get a new weapon” (“Gagner une nouvelle arme” in FR).
I already earned two new weapons since the task appeared, but no reward
and the task is still here :frowning:

Thank you! And BTW, I love puzzle quest since the start on X360 <3


FYI, both bugs exist on the One as well (I have been messing around with it there as well as the ipad). I know there isn’t much that can be done directly from the forums for the consoles, but seems to be an issue with the build they are on.



Ok thx, guess we just have to wait for an update and dream they’ll give us some free treasure maps in order to appologize :wink:


If you need to contact Support for PS4 or Xbox One, you can contact 505 Games here: