Multiple bugged Tasks

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I really hope this is the right forum for this and it didnt got posted elsewhere.

There are multiple tasks on Xbox One which arent unlocking:

  • Earn a new weapon (probably found and bought over 10 now)
  • Make a purchase with glory ( same thing, made some different purchases and its still there)
  • Ive read from some people that “Use X treasure maps” is also not unlocking.

What you mean with “still there” ? Also, for support on Xbox One you can contact to 505 games here:

By “still there” i mean its not unlocking, so the task is still uncompleted.

If you buy a troop with glory and the troop still is on the shop is because you can buy it multiple times (as much times as you want before the event ends) Is that what is happening? I didn’t really understood your problems. But am sure the guys on the link will. :v:

Xbox One and Playstain 4 versions of the game offer a sort of achievement (read: “Task”, in this topic) and have shown troubles reaching completion for console players.

@Papow: I believe the 505Games staff are aware of the issues concerned and are presently working on them. Many users are experiencing the same issue, at least on the Xbox.

You are still free to follow the link provided by Serale and make a ticket yourself if you’d like, otherwise you’ll sadly have to wait until things are tied up on supports end.

Hi everyone!

505 Support here… we’re still currently getting all set up here at the GOW site, but to let everyone know, Treasure Maps are now working correctly after doing 6+ gem cascades (they weren’t at launch), and that we have received reports of several daily tasks that are not awarding players properly.

The daily tasks have either already been fixed or are being investigated to be fixed. Since patches have to go through the submission process with Sony and Microsoft, getting these updates out will take a little more time, so we appreciate everyone’s patience while we get everything tested and approved!

If you have any further issues to report on either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 versions of Gems of War, please visit us at We have a FAQ, forum, and ticketing system there that we monitor closely, and that will in turn free up the moderators here to focus on the other Gems of War platforms. :smile:

Thanks for your support, and sorry if you see this same post on a few threads here, but we just wanted to get the word out that we’re here and that our teams are hard at work at getting everything resolved!

-505 Games Support

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