Need help with a task

Hey guys, I got this task that says “TaskpathClinear7”. I didn’t know what to do so I read the description and it says I should broaden my mastery. My completion of this task is 1/3. Does anyone know what I should do?

it might be a bug please ignore and scan your pc for viruses just in case as well as malware scan.

Damn! I posted on the pc version! Sorry it was meant for ps4 topics
I wonder if I can be moved there._.

it is cool. that error though.

Moved the thread for you :smile:

As for what to do, I’d try contacting 505 Games Support ( if you haven’t yet). They should be able to help you.

Ty Nimhain I’ll do that right now! :slight_smile:

hey was there any clarification i sent a ticket but it if anyone figured out how to complete this task, lv 44 woot

Got the exact same thing on Xbox1.

Everyone with ps4 and xbox have this problem.

Worry no longer, Donger.

KappaPride :v:

Serale, taskpathclinear is another bugged task and it was not fixed with the last patch. The support said they are already working on it though.

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I have heard the same thing as Mystic. I put in a ticket and they are aware. Cheers!

It’s still one you can complete. I figured out how to.