PS4 version is most bugged game on ps4 for now

Im kinda dissapointed, bought a stuff for 50$+ on a game that doesnt work at all :confused:

After few days of playing it, the things I met so far :

-as in other topic about tasks on xbox, they’re bugged on ps4 as well, some are just unfinishable(glory,weapon tasks), few are wrong translated (do something 5 times or 3 - when u need other number to actually finish it), when u get them u just gonna stuck and only 1st slot task is changing daily,

-many graphics bugs - sometimes after attack immages doesnt dissapeard and theyre left on the screen till the end of the fight , also sometimes after attacks enemies (doesnt react to dmg) they actually hit but hp on screen is not affected(even if they die they remaining on the screen till the end of fight),

-freezes after choosing thingies - like: u want use a treasure map, baam-freeze, u losing map and the only thing u can do is to reset game , really nice :smile:

-unifinishable story mode - for now, only in khaziel for me: after ‘guardians of madness’ if u click reward button , the 1st line of dialogues are shown and thats it, u cant skip further, the only thing u can is to go back to main map (I didnt try to finish all kingdoms yet so i dont know if this the only ‘stuck’ spot),

-skippable rewards lol, after a treasure hunt I clicked skip to make it faster, and it skipped, like literally: I didnt get any rewards from this run :smiley:

I would say the only thing that properly works in this game is payment - (the most important thing that need to work for most of develepers obviously),
but even with that I had problems, after buying an armor set i didnt get anything , so I removed the game and installed again and somehow it worked - yet, that was fcking stressfull…

This game need repair patches fast on consoles version, for now I won’t not recomend it for anyone (even if u want playing for free), there just 2 many problems that ruining playing experience, u can’t finish tasks, or even a story mode.

I like this game but i’m not gonna play it (at least console ver.) until it will be playable.

Sorry the console version isn’t to your liking. Optimization is always difficult, especially with a game like this.

If you do decide to switch over to PC/iOS/Android, you’ll notice a distinct difference in appearance, but also notice that it has none of the same glitches or errors, plus a more active support team. :wink:

They shouldnt have released a broken game into the PS4. Sounds like something Ubisoft would do.

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Aww… that hurts! :wink:

Since launch, we have received a number of valuable reports from players for bugs in the release version of the game, including several daily tasks that are not awarding players properly.

The daily tasks have either already been fixed or are being investigated to be fixed. On consoles, patches have to go through a submission process with Sony and Microsoft, so getting these updates out will take a little more time. Some are quick server-side fixes, but larger ones do take longer, so we appreciate everyone’s patience while we get everything tested and approved!

If you have any further issues to report on either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 versions, please visit us at We have a FAQ, forum, and ticketing system there that we monitor closely, and that will in turn free up the moderators here to focus on the other Gems of War platforms.

Thanks for your support… we’re all on the same team here, and want our players to focus on enjoying the game instead of being distracted and annoyed by bugs! Rest assured that our teams are hard at work at getting everything resolved! :smile:

-505 Games Support


Ps4 game needs to get attention soon! I put so much time in that game and it always freezes, has server issues, doesn’t register tasks, completed my arena run when I had won my battle on more than one occasion, never any real updates. I could go on. I love this game but it’s getting very frustrating to play.

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They’ve said they have an update planned for early April. Just gotta sit tight for a couple more weeks!

With so many devices and apps out on the market, asking people to be patient for a month (or 5 months since last update) is beyond the scope of reality. Players move on in the gaming world, a lot faster than updates come to consoles that’s for sure.

I know a lot of people are complaining about the game being broken. I agree, it is. But, some of those breaks have come in anticipation of the update. Yes, updates on consoles take a while. For ALL console games. The fact is, on consoles, there are a LOT more hoops that the devs have to jump through, than there are on PC or mobile.

On PC/mobile, they can simply upload the update files, BAM, the update is out. On consoles, both Xbox and PlayStation, they have have to send it to Microsoft or Sony, wait for those guys to check it over, then fix any issues that come back, THEN start the process over. With no issues coming back to be fixed, that can take 2 weeks or more. I understand this. I’ve witnessed it on other games. So, I know to be patient.

Yeah, the game is less fun than it should be for the moment. Play a round or two, then go play something else. Come back again in a few hours and do it again. Don’t expect to play for hours and hours and hours. The game doesn’t work that way right now. At the end of the day, if you have to leave, that’s understandable. No one’s forcing you to stay, just asking you to be patient.